Reebok ∆ Training Collection Made to Complement Natural Movement

by On Jun 18, 2013
Reebok ∆ Training Collection Made to Complement Natural Movement

When I first saw Reebok’s new Delta Apparel, I took a second look. Never in my imagination would I pay attention to the designs that Reebok offered. Reebok has officially entered the ranks of coming up with cool looking apparels! In the past, I only knew Reebok for producing durable apparel. (I’ve been wearing the same pair of shorts for my school CCA PT attire for the past 7 years.)

Well, I’m proven wrong now.

The Reebok Delta Apparel range was designed and built to be versatile, functional and durable. It is also made to complement natural movement. It is engineered with Reebok’s Play technology and that means the tops minimize friction for your sport.

The Shirt

The Tee is designed with a single jersey stretch knit to fit the muscular male torso.

Reebok ∆ Training Collection Made to Complement Natural Movement

I felt really comfortable wearing the shirt because it falls on my body nicely. This also meant that I had very smooth runs without having to worry much about whether the shirt was going to cause friction during the course. The stretch knit was effective in wicking sweat to the surface of the shirt and eventually causing it to evaporate.

What I really appreciated about the shirt, which I find in no other sports apparel, was the lower hem of the shirt. While the rest of the shirt was stretchable, the lower hem was firm and it hugs the waist nicely. I did not really pay attention to it on first look but realized the feature when I tried to take off the shirt. Taking off was easy because of the stretchable material, even though there was a firm lower hem. A firm and tapered lower hem also improves the look of the wear. I say that is a brilliant consideration to the design after having seen so many tees become “flare shirts” either after wash or increased stretch on the lower hem while taking off the shirt.

Though wearing it can feel a bit warm, I really appreciate how seamless it is. Little do I need to worry about getting abrasion on my shoulders or armpits.

The Shorts

The Delta Range shorts take after the length of board shorts. It is inspired by the fashion and aesthetics of surf gear.

Reebok ∆ Training Collection Made to Complement Natural Movement

As much as they are longer than your conventional running shorts, they surprisingly helped me to regulate my strides. My leg movements were not hindered one bit. As a matter of fact, I did appreciate the length because I can wear them not only for runs, but also for other sports as well. And yes, I am slightly on the modest side, so the length is great for cover.

Reebok has always put in value for money features. I personally do not believe I should pay much for a pair of shorts. But this pair has got some serious technology going for running shorts. I am surprised that they are not even promoted as a feature.

Firstly are the elastic drawstrings for the shorts. How important are drawstrings? VERY IMPORTANT. The fact they are elastic means they do not run (out of the shorts’ waistline) and they do not suffocate your waist. This promotes a lot of comfortable movement while providing firm hold of the shorts on your waist.

Secondly, the waistline of the shorts is soft. The fabric of the waistline is soft and minimizes print marks on your waist, that makes the wear very comfortable.

The Wind Jacket

When I first got the package, I was wondering to myself if the wind jacket is even there. I took it out and was in marvel at how thin the material is. I tried it for a morning run and it was really comfortable. The jacket moved with my body motion. I really love the fact that the jacket is not cumbersome. It is light and promoted great movement.

When I saw that the material is light and thin, I became quite wary of causing tears in it. But it has proven durable after runs and several other casual usages.

The design is really funky with motivational words running across the shoulders and sleeves. I think there are variations to the words for the jackets because this range does promote a couple of motivational messages.

I also like that fact that the cuff is elastic which makes it all the more easily to wear. The jacket also has a zipper pocket that is on the chest for your little essentials/cards. The lower hem is adjustable as well so that it hugs your waist.

I must say that this jacket did win the attraction my friends and gave good compliments about the design.

Reebok ∆ Training Collection Made to Complement Natural Movement

My impression about Reebok products has changed totally. Not only are they durable, they have also gone up notches in the design and functionality departments. You should give the Delta Range a serious consideration. I challenge you to hit the stores to check out the secret features for yourself.

Get ready to battle your runs with Reebok’s revolutionary apparel range. Go Delta.

Reebok ∆ Training Collection Made to Complement Natural Movement

Where to buy?

The SS13 Reebok ∆ Training collection comes in both men’s and ladies’ styles and is available at Stadium and selected Royal Sporting House stores from now onwards.

Visit the Royal Sporting House Singapore Facebook page for more information.

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