Reebok ONE Cushion, uniquely built from back to front with three different zones maximising comfort, support and performance. One colour for each distinct zone, cleverly engineered to fuse together to work as one ensuring a seamless ride. Built mainly for neutral runners, Reebok ONE Cushion provides outstanding balance and support.

First Impressions

The striking colours made this pair of shoes eye-catching. The luminous neon colours drew attention from my peers while I was preparing for the run. This pair of shoes felt amazingly comfortable and airy when I first put it on, providing that extra motivation even before I began my run. Sizing is true to the size and it fits me just nice (I’m a US 8.5 and it fits to a T). For many runners, especially males, it may be a challenge to find a pair of shoes that provide enough room space for their broad feet. Too tight and you will find it totally uncomfortable, while too loose, you will risk increasing chances of injuries. For me, my foot is slightly on the broad side but I have no qualms over this pair of shoes.


The unique three zones design allows for different compounds to be used for each phase of the gait cycle. The higher foam density at the heel contact area provides much needed shock attenuation; the light weight compound in the mid-stance zone allows a smooth transition from the heel to the toes; while the front propulsive zone has relatively softer foam that allows for greater flexibility which aids in propelling the toes off the ground. Superbly crafted together to work as one system, you won’t even notice that it’s made of three compounds if I didn’t mention it!

What’s more, the structured close mesh at the heel area provides tremendous support for the heels by firmly locking it in place. At the front, the forefoot mesh is made of breathable material that aids dissipation of heat, often a bother after running for long distance. The thoughtfulness placed into this design provides you with the utmost support and breathability.


To ensure a fair comparison, I did a couple of runs with varying intensity in different terrains. First, I did a 8km tempo run on tar road. The ultra-responsive high rebound foam felt springy in the beginning. First time trying out such a material, it sure felt weird initially. The initial few steps made me feel like I am bouncing off the ground, however it did not take me long to get used to this new experience. Soon, I found myself tuned into the rhythm. In addition, the slight propulsion helps me transit into a forward momentum with ease. At the end of my tempo run, my training mates were all joking that my new pair of Reebok ONE helped me “fly” today!

Next, I did a couple of 10+ km runs on hilly terrain and they were also good experiences. The cushion effectively absorbed the impact when hitting downslopes and it relieved much tension off my knees. One may think that with such cushioning, the shoes would come bulky and heavy, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it is relatively light weight, yet providing such comfort.

The Reebok ONE Cushion has definitely impressed me in more ways than one. The comfort it provides is above my expectations and the performance of the shoe is impressive. Right from the first run, I could feel the difference in the energy transfer and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good pair of training shoes.

Priced at S$169, it is definitely a bargain for such a pair of comfortable and performance shoes.

Runner’s Boon

  • Length and width of the tongue: Doesn’t move around while running
  • Size: True to size
  • Width: True to size
  • Durability:Unable to comment due to limited usage

Runner’s Bane

  • Colour: Luminous colours are what I like, but the colour combination could be improved on
Lim Zhi Yuan

Zhi Yuan started out running because the school was crazy about it. Everyone seems to be able to run! He got hooked on the adrenaline of crossing the finishing line and have participated in all sorts of running events ever since. Fell in love with triathlon when he first had a shot at it 10 years ago. Recently focusing more on IronMan distances, looking forward to improve his timing.

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