Reebok RealFlex Flight: Supportive Node for Every Flex

by On Nov 19, 2012
Reebox RealFlex Flight: Supportive Node for Every Flex

Focusing on natural motion running, the base of the Reebok RealFlex Flight was designed with a patterned series of flex nodes. Each coloured node provides a different attribute that adds to the strength of this feat of engineering.

Reebox RealFlex Flight: Supportive Node for Every Flex

The black nodes are the toughest and aim to give runners the best heel support. Yellow nodes line the outer edge of the shoe and facilitate your stride, so that each pavement pound is effortless. The white filler nodes provide a solid base that promotes stability for all your races. In concert, this bumblebee array increases propulsion significantly while giving your legs the padding they need.

First Impressions

The neon green streaks are fierce and when donning the powerful pair, I felt taller and stronger. Lacing up the emerald beast, the fit of the shoe was perfect. The inner cushioning hugged my feet, but did not restrict them. Like a guiding mentor, freeing you to reach your maximum potential.

First Go!

The first test was pavement. Running 5 kilometres on the pavement around my residence leading to an exercise corner, I found the run a bit tumultuous. As a mid-foot runner, I was overcompensating. Leaning forward more than necessary as there is considerable padding on the heel. With each stride, it became clearer that the Reebok RealFlex Flight was not made for mid-foot or forefoot runners. I switched to being a heel-striker for the rest of my run. Motion started to make sense, transition from landing to push off was smooth and the world was good again.


Repeating the test for quality, I pounded not only pavement, but also road, track and gravel too. The results for road and track were the same as pavement, proving that heel striking was superior for this shoe. Surprisingly, gravel bore an interesting development. As the gravel shifted under the weight of the shoe, it was easier to maintain midsole landings than it was on a flat surface. However, bits of rock kept getting stuck in-between the nodes and started to be a bother. The benefit was not worth the cost.

Reebox RealFlex Flight: Supportive Node for Every Flex

Distance Handling

Impressed by the stability and handling of the shoe, I increased running distances to examine whether the shoe supported running through stability, propulsion and grip when my stride lessened due to lethargy. Clocking 10 kilometres under an hour, the Reebok RealFlex Flight was my dependable running partner through and through. It was always stable and promoted efficient rides each step of the journey. I did not manage to clock my usual timing as I was not mid-foot running. However, the drop in performance was not that significant to matter. Taking it up to 12 kilometres yielded the same result and so I decided to conclude the distance test.

Cross Sports Potential

With supreme stability and potent padding, I brought it to the gym for strength training. Through the Reebok RealFlex Flight’s black nodes, I could push for more when doing squats. The padding and support it provided was spectacular!

In conclusion, they are a steady entry-level pair of shoes for heel strikers. Dependable and padded to resist injury, they are great for runners who love pain. An ideal buy for the great men and women in the various armed forces. The colour's right too!

Reebox RealFlex Flight: Supportive Node for Every Flex

Runner's Boon

  • Insane stability
  • Improved propulsion
  • Snug fit
  • Increased range of motion
  • Hardy construction
  • Fierce colour patterns

Runner's Bane

  • Only promotes good form for heel-strikers
  • Not suitable for off-road running and stair climbing

Where to find them?

The Reebok RealFlex Flight (Men & Women) is available at Reebok Paragon, Stadium and selected Royal Sporting House stores.

Run. Review. Repeat.

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