Reebok Ziglite Rush Gives You The Extra Bounce

by On Jul 4, 2013
Reebok Ziglite Rush Gives You The Extra Bounce

Sometimes, the craziest ideas might just work.

When I opened the shoebox, I was filled with mixed feelings. The colours and design looked amazing but at the same time, I had no idea what to expect from the crazy-looking zigzag soles.

The dual-density ZigLite sole with the unique zigzag shape was the key highlight of the shoe and I could not wait to try them out.

Reebok Ziglite Rush Gives You The Extra Bounce

First Go!

On the very first run, I immediately felt a difference in the unique energy return from heel to toe. It gave a good feeling of cushioning and response. While I tend towards a midfoot strike, I think this shoe should suit all runners as it provides decent cushioning and support.

However, with such thick soles I felt it reduced the feel of the ground.

The angled flex grooves of the soles allowed your feet to bend and promote natural movement while running. This definitely helps to reduce injuries with smooth heel to toe transitions.

Reebok Ziglite Rush Gives You The Extra Bounce

With the internal fit sleeve that surrounds the foot, the shoes felt snug and comfortable throughout the runs. In addition, the 3D Fuseframe support cage locks the foot over the platform while providing a seamless fit.

On the first few runs, the toebox felt a little narrow and tight. I felt like it almost gave me some blisters on the little toes but the shoes got more comfortable with more runs.

The durability of the shoes make them great as a pair of daily trainers, for you to clock the mileages for the big race day. The shoes are lightweight and suitable for long runs or interval trainings. The mesh panels aided in ventilation and prevented heat spots in the shoes. Even on a long training run, I felt like the shoes helped to keep my form even when I was starting to feel tired.

Reebok Ziglite Rush Gives You The Extra Bounce

The bright orange accents might seem like a purely aesthetic addition but as someone who runs at night, I believe it makes a difference in keeping me safe on the roads.

Overall, it took me a while to love this pair of shoes. The Reebok Ziglite Rush has a big bulky feel to it, but it is surprisingly flexible and light. The Reebok Ziglite Rush gives you an extra bounce in every step.

Runner’s Boon

  • Great cushioning and support with the zigzag sole
  • Attention grabbing colours
  • Mesh panels that give good ventilation

Runner’s Bane

  • Narrow toebox caused a blister on first few runs
  • Thick soles reduces feel of the ground

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