Running Has Never Felt Any Lighter With Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit

by On Apr 12, 2018

With Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit, you'll definitely feel like you are floating!

Running Has Never Felt Any Lighter With Reebok Floatride Run

I'm someone who rarely buys and uses running shoes as I'll usually get shoes that are a bit heavier like non-marking shoes or shoes that are meant for hockey. When I first got the Reebook Floatride Run Ultraknit, I couldn't believe how lightweight it was. Due to its lightweight and material, the moment I tried it on, it felt so comfortable that it felt as if I was wearing socks (yes it is that comfortable). As I tried running with Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit, it made me asked myself if I should start running daily.

Running Has Never Felt Any Lighter With Reebok Floatride Run

What's good about the Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit?

Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit is worn best for long distance runs as the foam provides a soft cushioning when running. When running, the floatride foam is pressed down, there will be a slight sinking feeling and when the foam reaches its maximum compression, it bounces right back into its form again. Due to it being lightweight, it didn't weigh me down like how some shoes do. Made with ultraknit, the shoe provides great support and breathable flexibility just like what they state.

The plastic cage is thin and flexible that when it is laced tight, it still feels comfortable. For the supportive EVA foam rim, I could feel the grip on my heel and the purpose of the supportive EVA foam rim is to help center and balance my feet, which is great for me because I often lose my balance.

Running Has Never Felt Any Lighter With Reebok Floatride Run

Floating with Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit

The outsole of Floatride is made with a ripple design to provide with a consistent ground contact for a smooth transition from heel to toe and just like what it claims to be, I am definitely satisfied with it. With Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit, it certainly made my runs so much lighter and bouncy. It also has a heel drop of 8mm, which is great midfoot strikers.

During rainy days, I didn't encounter any slippery moments because of the strong grip it has on the road and its great so I don't slip and fall while running. When it encounters with wet concrete or metal drains, the grip becomes weak which can be a little slippery.

Running Has Never Felt Any Lighter With Reebok Floatride Run

Runner's Boon

  • Lightweight and comfortable, suitable for everyday runs.
  • Great heel support to help me center and balance my feet.
  • The seamless ultraknit is amazing because I could feel that my feet feels breathable.
  • The cushioning of the feet is great due to its instant response and feedback.

Runner's Bane

  • The shoe is slightly bigger than my usual running shoe
  • This is just my preference but I don't like the spaces in the outsoles of Floatride picking up rocks.
  • Doesn't really work well on wet concrete and metal drains. Sometimes it can be a little bit slippery.

The Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit retails at S$229 in Reebok stores at Velocity #02-58/59, Suntec City #02-468, Great World City #B1-24 and VivoCity #02-111/113).

Lee Nah is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing different kind of sports like floorball, hockey and even soccer! She personally believes in life long learning and self-development.

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