If you feel the same way about gadgets as you do about running, or you cannot get enough of either, you may already be wearing a Fitbit Flex on your wrist. At least, you might be thinking of getting one. Reading the following can help you learn more about this innovative mobile tracker, especially if you’re about to spend your hard-earned money. After evaluating the following data gleaned from previous buyers, I can base my Flex buying decision on actual feedback so that I do not suffer buyer’s remorse after the fact!

Nuts and Bolts

Do you need a way to track just about everything but your love life? This wristband has the wherewithal to do just that, so investing in a Fitbit Flex could put you on the right lifestyle track. The trendy rubber band features LED indicator lights, a silent alarm that wakens you for the run you take before going to work, and it records calories you burn, including the number of steps you take. You will celebrate the wireless interface between you and your beloved smartphone via a matchmaker app that’s compatible with PCs, Macs, various iOS devices and select Android phones. Thankfully, it does not require constant recharge because the Flex has a lithium-polymer battery that can last an entire week on a single charge!

Simplicity at Its Best

I’ll recommend this gadget for people who want to become aware of their performance metrics in exact numbers. For those who have never owned a mechanism capable of tracking sleep patterns, rest assured that feedback is glowing. Weight watchers, too, rave about accuracy and accountability thanks to the calorie counting feature. Your Flex data are automatically synced to your computer or smartphones without plugging in or pushing buttons where you can view them on the Fitbit dashboard. The Flex comes with free online tools that allow you to track your progress from activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep with beautiful graphs and charts but you’d have to input some of the data manually. If you’ve tried other band brands and have not found one that makes you happy, Flex is worth a look.

Potential Issues

There have been complaints that the Flex band did not always stay on the wrist due to latch issues, but I have no problem with it during the most strenuous workouts and runs. The only problem is that I have to make a bit more effort to clasp shut the Fitbit Flex’s strap. I will need to apply a bit of force to fasten it. The sleep monitoring functions may have some glitches at times but I was not dissatisfied enough to get rid of this bracelet. Some have tongue-in-cheekily whined about its vibrant colours making them unfit for formal occasions but for me, I lauded the bright hues that remind me of my purpose, which, of course, is the point. Some also find these bands unobtrusive.


It’s fun. It’s a conversation starter. It’s a multi-tasker too. In terms of spending, the equivalent of dinner for two at a fancy Singapore bistro, you receive a ton of value for your expenditure. The Flex can tally your daily walking activity, then notify you of small victories with a little app feature that launches a celebration on your wrist. Tracking your sleep patterns can help you determine whether you are getting proper amounts of sleep or not. Use findings to give your doctor accurate reports if you suffer sleep-related issues. Don’t worry if you jump into the shower and forget to take it off; the Flex will not suffer death by drowning. The biggest benefit: if you’ve tried other ways to motivate yourself to stay fit, this little band may be a deal-breaker. Besides, you can get rid of your pedometer and enjoy the Flex’s Bluetooth interface too.

Could you live your active life without a Fitbit? Of course you could, but why do it when the price is affordable and you can tailor the features to match your lifestyle. Priced at S$129, the Flex to helps me set new goals and accomplish those I have yet to tackle. If you travel internationally and worry about your workout regimen, you do not even have to bother to pack this—just slap it on your wrist and catch your plane. I found it more psychological than technical, but is that not a big part of wearing a device like the Flex?

Got goals? Need help meeting them? This flexible aide may not brew coffee or offer love life advice, but it’s turned more than one person into a self-proclaimed Fitbit junkie. Let us hear from you about your good, bad and ugly experiences so that we can share them with our readers.

Runner’s Boon

  • Automatically syncs your data to smartphone or computer wirelessly without plugging in or pushing buttons.
  • Good battery life that can last a week on a single charge.

Runner’s Bane

  • Dull design.
  • Some software glitches such as the sleep monitoring functions.
  • Tedious to input sleep, food and activity details.
Aidan H.

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