Shoe Review: Montrail Masochist OutDry

by On Jan 13, 2012
Shoe Review: Montrail Masochist OutDry

“Never judge a book by its cover.” I say never judge a shoe by its brand. Like many Singaporean runners, I had never heard of Montrail previously. This pair of shoes is a pack of surprises.

I brought the shoes for a short 5-kilometre run, a mixture of road and trail and a 10-kilometre run at MacRtchie Reservoir. The Montrail Masochist OutDry gave me a very enjoyable Saturday morning run.

At first sight, the shoe looked big and bulky but its sturdy build helped to stabilise my run and protected my feet while I manoeuvred the undulating terrain. A couple of times, I felt like I almost rolled over my ankle but this solid pair of shoes kept my ride steady and smooth.

The angled blades at the forefoot were effective in gripping the muddy ground and the loose rocks along the way. The MacRitchie route comprised slippery rocks and tree roots but the Gryptonite technology provided me with good traction all the way. The full foot Trail Shield protected my feet from the rocks and trail debris.

Throughout the entire run, splashing in and out of mud puddles, the OutDry technology proved effectively in keeping my feet dry. The shoes did not soak up extra weight. The upper of the shoe is a highly-breathable hydrophobic mesh; there were no obvious heat zones as well.

It was a comfortable run. Weighing at only 374g, the Montrail Masochist OutDry manages to pack in a good amount of cushioning. This was especially important as the impact from every step could easily hurt one’s spine and joints.
On the roads, the shoes felt a little too stiff. However, on the trails, the shoes did its job well. The midfoot fit was snug and the toebox was roomy. I do think this fits the Asian wide feet very well. However, some runners might not like this as it could cause blisters around your toes.

Not the prettiest of shoes, this is a pair for the rugged man who loves to get dirty in nature, splashing through the mud and attacking the steep hills.

I strongly believe in the right pair of shoes for the right run. The Montrail Masochist OutDry was made for the trails.

Runner’s Boon

  • Strong and sturdy support structure

Runner’s Bane

  • Slightly heavy compared with road shoes
  • A little too stiff for the roads
Shoe Review: Montrail Men's Masochist Outdry

Masochist OutDry - Retail Price: S$209

Technical Specifications

  • Weight – 374g (US 10)
  • Durometer – Medial Post 65 Asker C / 55 Asker C (+/-3 degrees)
  • Fit notes – Snug midfoot and open toe box
  • Midsole – Single-density compression-moulded EVA
  • Outsole – Gryptonite™
  • Waterproof – OutDry®
  • Protection – Full length Trail Shield™
Shoe Review: Montrail Men's Masochist OutDry

The snug fit on feet

Where to find them?

The Montrail Masochist OutDry (Men) is available at selected World of Sports stores and authorised dealers. (Non-Outdry version also available for women at S$149.)

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