Shoe Review: New Balance 1080v2

by On Mar 14, 2012
Gear Review: New Balance 1080v2

In today’s modern world, where running has become a science and brands are making shoes feather light, how does the New Balance 1080v2 compare?

Firstly, it must be reinforced that this is not a pair of racers. Hence it would be foolish to compare its 297g weight with the racers on the market. For a pair of premium neutral cushioning, this shoe is lightest in its class.

New Balance’s latest N2 cushioning technology, nitrogen-injected heel, offers a cushy run. The ride was pretty decent, with a smooth heel to toe transition. The shoe’s low heel to toe ratio is great for mid-foot running and a natural foot strike. However, I did feel that the shoe was slightly stiff at the start and took a couple of runs to break-in.

The T-beam mid-foot shank gave the shoes a good stable ride and thus made it very suitable for long runs. I took the shoes for a variety of trainings, from 5 kilometres to 10 kilometres and even a couple of interval trainings. The cushioning and stability made the long runs very comfortable but the weight and relatively thick soles were not exactly good for intervals or sprints.

The breathable Airmesh upper served its purpose well. I did not notice any heat spots. I liked the roomy toe box and snug fit around the arch.

The appearance of the shoes is important to some. Well, if you cannot finish first, at least you finish in style. The bright orange colour grabs attention regardless if you are running in the park, at the track or on the roads. Confidence plays a major role in runs. If you feel good, you will probably run good too.

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Personally, I think the New Balance 1080v2 works very well as a pair of training shoes. It provides good cushioning and stability. It is the shoe that you can wear for your mid or long distance runs and save the featherweight racers for track training.

With all the science and technology behind it, this pair of shoes does not disappoint at all.

Runner's Boon

  • Sturdy with good stability support
  • Cushioning for long distance runs
  • Attention grabbing colours

Runner's Bane

  • Stiff and hard at the start
  • Looks huge and chunky
  • Relatively heavier compared to racers
New Balance 1080v2 (Men) - Retail Price: S$225Courtesy of New Balance Singapore

1080v2 (Men) - Retail Price: S$225

New Balance 1080v2 (Women) - Retail Price: S$225Courtesy of New Balance Singapore

1080v2 (Women) - Retail Price: S$225

Technical Specifications

  • Weight – Men: 297g (US 9.5); Women: 238g (US 7)
  • Width – Men: D/2E/4E; Women: B/D
  • PL-1 Natural with Abzorb Strobel Board for extra comfort
  • N2 cushioning in the heel Abzorb in forefoot
  • Acteva Lite midsole foam
  • Abzorb crash pad with Ndurance heel
  • Blown rubber outsole for additional cushioning
  • T-beam midfoot shank for inherent stability and flexibility
  • Breathable airmesh upper with supple synthetic and no sew welding application

Where to find them?

The New Balance 1080v2 (Men and Women) is available at all New Balance Concept Stores and selected authorised dealers.

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