Skechers Go Bionic Ride: Perfect Marriage Between Fashion And Performance

by On Sep 21, 2013
Skechers Go Bionic Ride: Perfect Marriage Between Fashion And Performance

Skechers Go Bionic Ride Shoes gets its name from its nature-inspired GO-bionic engineering and enhanced Resalyte™ cushioning for elevated comfort and support on every run. Designed for barefoot minimalist running, this pair is perfect for runners who require great flexibility with its ultra light-weight synthetic material and Bio-Responsive cushioning zones. In the aesthetics department for the fashionistas, it also scored full marks with its attractive colour combination and design.

First Impressions

To be honest, Skechers is not a brand I would usually associate with for running shoes so I was pretty skeptical when I received the shoes. I’ve bought their casual shoes in the past simply because it looked great but never for sports purposes. When I opened the brown box, I was immediately swooned by the fashionable design and bright colours of the shoes. As a shoe-aholic, I would never be caught dead wearing my sports shoes out of the gym but this was a pair I wouldn’t mind donning on for dress-down Fridays. This must be the most attractive sports kicks I’ve ever had really. Upon picking the shoes, I was amazed by how light it was. I’ve read beforehand that it was light, but I never expected it to be even lighter than my slippers.

Skechers Go Bionic Ride: Perfect Marriage Between Fashion And Performance

I slipped the pair on and it fits true to size, fitting perfectly with its generous toe-box. For someone with broad feet, I have trouble having running shoes that provide enough room space for my toes but this pair was perfect for me. The best part was the lightweight injection-molded midsole with memory retention and it fitted comfortably yet not too snug nor loose.

Let’s GO!

So, I decided to give the brand a fair chance to take it out for a 5km run the next day to test its performance. After my first leisure run, I was completely sold. Each stride was so comfortable and light that I felt that I was flying on the tar road. The run was so enjoyable that I extended it to a 10km distance that night. It also made very little noise when the sole meets the ground but yet not too squishy. I didn’t get any abrasions or blisters on my first run all thanks to its smooth and comfortable interior. My toes were completely at ease in the toe-room and I didn’t experience numbness even after an hour. Due to its striking colors, it complemented my exercise gear which was perfect for my usual night runs. It made me smile when I looked down and when you feel good, you run faster.

What I like best about the shoes was its combination of flexibility and cushioning. The shoes were so flexible that you can bend it from front to back, so much that I could easily twist my forefoot relative to the rear-foot or even from side to side. It made the run very smooth and I could glide at ease without worrying about any jarring transition or my feet moving around. I wore the shoes for several cross-training sessions in the gym and the flexibility of the shoes was perfect yet stable enough for the lunges for my Body Pump classes.

I also brought the shoes out for a couple of runs on different terrains to further test its performance before giving my final verdict. Whether it was the soft grass, treadmill track or pavement, each stride was equally smooth and comfortable. Due to its minimal heel lift, every stride was pressure-free as my foot was in contact with the ground neutral to the forefoot. For hill-work training, the high abrasion rubber traction pads and cushioning zones in the outsole worked effectively together to absorb the impact which relieved tension off my joints when hitting downslopes.

Overall Performance - GOld

I liked the shoes so much that I picked it over my primary running shoes for one of my 10km race and was pleasantly surprised by the slight improvement in timing. Also, this pair has accompanied me well in my recent Sundown Ultra-Marathon for the final 50km as they were light-weighted and comfortable, just what I need after a long night to tide me through the distance. However as the shoes was designed for minimalist running, the cushion at the toe-bed and sole might not be sufficient enough for long-distance running.

After all the running and hitting the gym in this pair for the last month, it’s fair to say that Skechers Go Bionic Ride has exceeded all my expectations and scored GOld for performance. I would say, overcome the stereotype baggage that comes with its brand and GO for it! You won’t regret it.

Skechers Go Bionic Ride: Perfect Marriage Between Fashion And Performance

Runner’s Boon:

  • Ultra light-weight shoes, perfect for minimalist runners
  • Great support and comfortable interior for barefoot wear
  • Ultra flexible
  • Perfect for runners with broad feet
  • Mid-sole with memory retention, perfect fit without any excess space at the sides and toe-box
  • Does not move around during running
  • Striking colours and good for night runs

Runner’s Bane:

  • Insufficient cushion at the toe-bed and sole portion for long distance runners

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