Step Up Your Game With The Reebok Delta Apparel For Women

by On Aug 16, 2013
Step Up Your Game With The Reebok Delta Apparel For Women

For most ladies, all we want are functional yet fashionable looking apparel that holds up in the right places while letting us work out efficiently. Cue in the Reebok Delta Apparel for Women. This collection of women’s fitness wear has heard our cry and blended aesthetics and performance in their new line.

As a runner, support and versatility are very important to me. I want to be able to concentrate on my runs without having to worry about slip ups occurring. Many times, I have worn the wrong things; shorts that have lost their elasticity, tees that were too short and even the wrong socks! I lived to tell the tale but not without experiencing much discomfort while running so I was eager to test how the Delta apparel felt like.

Love Fit Tee

The Love Fit tee is one of the most comfortable tee shirts I have donned in a long while. Usually, I prefer wearing sleeveless tanks as I like the freedom of mobility in the arms and I always had this mindset that tee shirts can be quite restrictive but this proved me wrong. The elasticity in the top was at the right percentage, stretching only when I moved. I felt really relaxed running in this. In addition, the Play Dry technology helped wick away the sweat by aiding ventilation and its flatlock stitching ensured that it reduced the irritation of rubbing and friction that can sometimes occur.

Step Up Your Game With The Reebok Delta Apparel For Women

Delta Short Bra Top

The bra top was another thumbs up for me in terms of support. The lightweight foam moulded cups mean that you don’t have to take out the padding when washing it and it also saves you the hassle of inserting them back in. The same Play Dry technology with a foam underwire is also incorporated to minimise chafing which is great for long distance runs. I also like the racer back design as I feel that it gives a better support than a normal two strap one, especially for the more well-endowed ladies.

Step Up Your Game With The Reebok Delta Apparel For Women

PWR Fitted Capri Pants

My favourite though was the capri pants which caught me by surprise. My running staples are a tank and shorts so this collection really made me rethink the clothes I usually wear. I put this on and went to run on the track where I did some fairly high intensity intervals. It felt as comfortable as if I were wearing my normal shorts. It helped that the cutting was good too as it is designed to hug in all the right places and highlights a woman’s natural curves while downplaying common problematic areas.

Step Up Your Game With The Reebok Delta Apparel For Women

Runners Boon

  • It is versatile, functional and durable. Able to accommodate both indoor and outdoor workouts well.
  • Fashionable looking enough to wear on its own even when not working out, especially for the capris.
  • Conforms and stretches nicely to the movement of the body without feeling restrictive.
  • No chafing or friction experienced even after long runs.

Runners Bane

Not much gripping to do but here are some things I thought could be better:

  • More designs and colours please.
  • Band beneath the bra top can be washed out of shape, so it’s best to handwash it to maintain its form.
  • For those who prefer clothing of a thinner fabric, the Love Fit tee is of a thicker material and can feel quite hot on sunny days despite the Play Dry technology.

Running as far as her legs will allow her, Sheryl loves the freedom of exploring new places that it brings. She loves to participate in local and overseas races and is also an avid diver and yogi.

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