The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset: Secure and Comfortable Yet Trendy

by On Nov 9, 2015
The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset: Secure and Comfortable But With Obstacles

Ever wonder what your ancestors would say about the time, energy and attention you devote to evaluating new wireless technology? They might wonder how you now thrive in today's super-charged worlds of non-stop communication and entertainment! But if you intend to acquire the latest and greatest new wireless headset, your ancestors are the last people to consult, particularly as you contemplate the newest version of the Jabra Sport Coach wireless headset. While our thoughts might not equal the sage advice your ancient relatives dispense, when it comes to consumer products, we can help you with your buying decision.


We opened our Jabra Sport Coach box to find a tidy carry case, ear gel pack that promised a custom fit and the ubiquitous rubber USB cable was also tucked into the box. Lightweight at just 0.56 oz (15.9 g), the Sport Coach works with any Bluetooth-enabled device courtesy of a free app. If you're a chatterbox, you'll love having a talk range of up to 10 metres and you can tell a very long story for five plus hours without drawing a breath if you happen to be long-winded. According to product testers, expect 10-days' worth of standby time, a voice guidance feature to update you on battery status, connection and pairing (love those prompts), and you can control the volume when you listen to music or app workout instructions from the headset, too.

The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset: Secure and Comfortable But With Obstacles


Is a secure and comfortable fit the most important benefit of a new wireless headset purchase? It is if you plan to wear it day and night. We have taken to calling the Jabra Coach ear gel "eargonomic" because it's really comfy, stays snug and if you're still conscious of wearing these buds once you start moving at a rapid pace, take up a new physical pursuit because you're too easily distracted. Seriously. You won't feel a thing. If your phone is NFC enabled, tap the two together as if giving your communications system a big kiss and the interface is sealed. Sweat like a drill sergeant if you like while wearing your Jabra Sport Coach wireless headset; this unit is built to exacting U.S. military standards—you would have to drive over this product with a tank to destroy its sweat-, shock- and weather-proof benefits.

The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset: Secure and Comfortable But With Obstacles

Runner's Boon

  • If you love the idea of having a personal trainer but can't afford one, this is the next best thing: the Jabra Sport Life app offers personal training routines delivered directly to your eardrums, and while these pre-programmed routines aren't personalised, the selection is wide enough to satisfy anyone seeking auditory guidance and easy-to-follow routines during a workout.
  • If you always combine your running with cross training, this headset will measure your distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned all thanks to the integrated TrackFit™ motion sensor. All the detailed activity and performance data are sent to the Jabra Sport Life App which can monitor and assist you to train at the right intensity.
  • According to engineers developing this product, it's compatible with the big A's in wireless technology: Android and Apple. Further, if you let down and fail to keep pace with the personal fitness best you've set as your daily or weekly goals, improved gyros and accelerometers in the headset will literally call you on your lousy performance.
  • Wear the Jabra Sport Coach headset inside or outside because both environments are hospitable. That stated, do put your headset into your locker if you go swimming because even great waterproofing has its limits!
  • Does the Dolby brand make your heart beat fast? The new Jabra has the same sound quality as earlier models, but there's now a Dolby enhancement to make tunes more vibrant and crisp. If you're a music purist, however, be forewarned that a few wearers have complained that the bass notes aren't perfect.

Runner's Bane

  • If you're already a fan of the Jabra headphones and own or owned the Pulse, you may be disappointed to learn that the new model has no heart-rate sensor. Removing this feature lowered the selling price, but if you require a heart-rate monitor, you may wish to opt for the Sport Pulse.
  • The Jabra Sport Coach sometimes has a habit of forgetting, so the process of pairing elements manually could be a little troublesome.

The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset: Secure and Comfortable But With Obstacles


The jury has deliberated and the verdict is in: buying this new Jabra Sport Coach wireless headset depends strongly upon your personality. If you're a fashion king/queen or seeking nothing more than a great auditory fitness coach and clear music stream at an affordable price, this headset could be the answer for you.

Have you tried this headset before? Share your feedback with us.

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