Ultimate Direction: I Love Their Gear So Much, My Boyfriend is Jealous!

by On Aug 28, 2016

Ultimate Direction's mission is to provide the ultimate in high performance hydration for everyday athletes. They reengineer, reinvent, and redefine high performance hydration for everyday athletes.

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!

When my boyfriend and I got serious and we talked about the future, I vowed to be the perfect active partner and never complain about the hours he spends training with his guy friends. He said he respected me for that, but added: "I love you, but can I stop carrying your stuff when we're out together?" I laughed and nodded my head.

To seal our pact, my love bought me an Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta as a surprise. At first, I wasn't sure how to react. Then, I started wearing it! "You changed my life!" I said (to both the vest and my honey) after discovering why women all over the world have fallen for this and all products made by Ultimate Direction.

About the Ultra Vesta

The Ultra Vesta has everything I could ask for as I go about my active life, yet I neither look like a Sherpa nor have I had a visit from the fashion police who tend to haunt women who don't pay attention to style. The hidden hook and loop side adjustment straps conform to my figure, and a mesh pouch with capacity to stow big, wet gear thanks to a compression bungee have me doing a happy dance.

With room for two body bottles, sliding sternum straps to keep my shoulders from aching and so much front storage I could take the boyfriend along if he lost a few pounds, I'm feeling a lot of bliss. And if I decide to climb a mountain (with our without him), on-the-go trekking pole holders are at my disposal as well as two ice axe loops to hold my equipment.

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!

Runner's Boon

  • The Ultra Vesta comes in two sizes. When Ultimate Direction promises a custom fit, they're not joking!
  • Even when stuffed to capacity, my physical activities aren't hampered. Everything's evenly distributed.
  • This vest is practically indestructible and the new body bottles are more comfortable than the old hard ones.

Runner's Bane

  • I happen to love black and blue. The colours not the bruises. If you adore red, you're out of luck.
  • This vest is not inexpensive, either save up or put it on your birthday list.
  • When I try to access the back pockets, I look like a contortionist. I'm good to go if I wind up at a circus!

About the Meow Waist Pack

I don't always need to be stuffed to the brim like a huge German sausage. Sometimes, a waist pack does the job and I'll be honest when I say that what first attracted me to the Meow was the name. I've got three cats. Four, if you count the one living outside. But after wearing the Meow just once, I realized this waist pack made me purr.

It has all the features of a designer bag — and even a designer label: Jenny Jurek is the Kim Kardashian of athletic gear and I like the fact that her name, the Jenny Collection, is on this pack.

So Jenny's Meow waist pack, designed for female athletes who also want to look hot, is so utilitarian, I can take it everywhere. Trail walk? Grocery run? Okay, maybe not a red carpet, but I'm not sweating errands because the wicking mesh textile has enough stretch to hug my body - and guess what? It stays put on my waist.

I call one of the pockets endless. If you saw what I cram into it, you'd agree. The smaller pocket makes a tidy nest for my phone, keys, plastic or small extras I schlep around when I’m on the go.

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!

Runner's Boon

  • Wear it at night; reflective accents make you easy to spot.
  • The fit is comfortable and never annoying.
  • It’s absolutely adorable and weighs next to nothing.

Runner's Bane

  • I was hoping a cat came with each of these waist packs. No such luck.
  • I had to pay for this little treasure myself — but I can’t complain because it's so affordable.
  • I didn't buy Meows for my running club friends and they're not happy about that!

About the Body Bottle and Holder

Is it unseemly to wax poetic about a body bottle? Not if you are sick and tired of undertaking daunting treks while carrying the water you need to stay hydrated in stiff bottles even a camel would reject. The Ultimate Direction body bottle is so amazingly designed, you're going to believe (as I do) that human beings were behind its engineering.

The pouch and the water bottles are both soft. Really soft. And when you slide the bottle into its equally soft sling with breathable mesh strap, you are likely to forget you’re carrying it when you first audition it.

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!

Runner's Boon

  • This body bottle duo also stows valuables if you're not bringing anything else along on your trek.
  • Reflectors on the carrier help motorists spot you if you're roaming around after sundown.
  • The price will warm your heart. This could be the item that once again endears me to my running buddies.

Runner's Bane

  • If sloshing water drives you crazy, find a sedentary activity because sports without water is a no-no.
  • If you’re on a long, daunting run, you may need two, but they’re so affordable, what great insurance.
  • Everyone will want one of these the moment they see your body bottle and bag, so if you hate being imitated, you’ve been warned!

Ultimate Direction- I Love Their Gear So Much, my Boyfriend is Jealous!


What's not to love about these Ultimate Direction products? The most distinct is the Ultra Vesta; I've already found it to be invaluable for long vacations and treks since it holds everything! The Meow waist pack is also versatile. I stick mine into one of my Vesta pockets when I pack to save room.

As for the body bottle - I'm obsessive about hydrating, so if you see me walking, you'll likely also spot this handy accessory.

My advice? If you seek a gift for the active women in your life, you can stop shopping now!

The Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta is priced at US$$134.95, the Meow Waist Pack at US$28.95, and Body Bottle at S$15.16. They are all available at the Ultimate Direction online store.

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