Every once-in-a-while, my girlfriend pays me the ultimate compliment: “He’s such a romantic!” Her friends ooh, aah and sigh, wishing their boyfriends and husbands were just like me.

In truth, I only pretend to be shocked by the Brad and Angelina split. But my pretence pays dividends, and all I need do to stay current is to troll Hollywood’s celeb-focused websites on occasion and my GQ (gossip quotient) remains high.

What love affairs do I really care about beside my own? The relationship between running and technology. That’s why news that Apple and Nike are again going steady filled me with joy. I admire both brands, so reviewing this new watch, I decided, has the potential to be a true labour of love.

The Apple of my eye

If you’re wondering how it came to be — that Apple and Nike got together to produce an amazing offspring — it’s no mystery. These two brands have enjoyed a long-standing relationship and savvy runners see the Apple Watch Nike Plus as the ultimate in contemporary innovation. As a timekeeper, this device belongs to the powerful Apple Series 2 family and the GPS feature makes getting lost on a trail nearly impossible.

In my opinion, it’s what’s “under the hood” that differentiates one smart watch from another and the Apple Watch Nike Plus doesn’t disappoint. Functions are driven by a dual-core processor and OS3. My girlfriend jokes that since I got the watch, I’ve cozied up a bit too closely with Siri, whose commands help me navigate my world in ways the GPS can’t.

In my humble opinion, the Nike Plus Run Club app is awesome; it motivates, inspires, coaches and guides me while tracking my progress and performance.

Not just another pretty face

I admit to being taken by the inner workings of my Apple Watch Nike Plus, but I would be remiss if I didn’t compliment the device’s fashion-forward styling. The digital display is so bright (I had my choice between digital and analog), it could serve as a flashlight if needed, and it’s water-resistant to 50 meters so if I forget to take it off, I won’t freak out or panic. Having customised the digital readout, I’m as happy as a clam.

Could I possibly write a love letter to the Apple Watch Nike Plus without waxing poetic about the wristband? No way. The band is fabricated in flexible fluroelastomer, used previously by Apple designers because it’s both rugged and handsome. The circular perforated bracelet cut-outs not only make this product light, but they help ventilate my wrist when every pore in my body seems to be dispensing buckets of perspiration.

Having been given a choice of colour combinations, I chose the manly silver tone because it more accurately reflects the price of this expensive gadget. But the nerve centre of this watch is truly the face where I can conduct the physical aspects of my daily life without needing another electronic aid if I chose to stick to just one.

I have come to count on my ability to access the Activity Rings, heart rate read-outs, weather reports and the stopwatch when I need specific information and help. How could I not fall in love with this device? But, please don’t tell my girlfriend that I wrote that sentence!


  • Anyone in need of professional guidance will take a liking to the Nike Plus Run Club app — especially, if you’re like me and require a push to keep running in the right direction both literally and figuratively.
  • The Apple brand is nothing less than the crème de la crème of wrist devices. Wearing it makes me look like a player, too. At least that’s what the girlfriend said.
  • I appreciate the wristband because I sweat so much, and having those airy circles surround my wrist is a pleasure that only us “heavy sweaters” can appreciate.
  • Continual read-outs advising me of vital training data (pace, distance and heart rate) are extremely accessible; no searching around for controls to call up data ’cause it’s right there with just a finger tap.
  • Don’t laugh, but my favourite feature is the ability to send virtual fist bumps to my buddies when we find ourselves on the same page. Who doesn’t love a good fist bump on occasion?


  • I suppose nothing with so many complex inter-workings is perfect, so despite being a sophisticated smart watch, I must complain about the short battery life. It’s not a deal-breaker, but seriously Apple and Nike: Can’t you two do something about this, given your combined wisdom and staff of brainiacs?
  • I don’t use the feature, but a friend who owns the watch (he didn’t choose the sleek silver model, by the way) has been complaining endlessly about the fact that there’s no altimeter read-out. Since he loves everything but flat terrain, I suspect he’s going to keep on whining.
  • The cost of this watch could be a heart-stopper. Prices start at S$548. You read that right. I wonder if this huge price tag has anything to do with two high-profile brands each getting a piece of the action?
  • For those who are picky and crave a perpetually-lit watch display, this could be a deal breaker since there is no “always-on” control.
  • Data importation to other services doesn’t exist. Definite bummer. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this because I’m all Apple, all the time.


My complaining friend (the dude who prefers running up and down to flat terrain) says that for this much money, there should be zero flaws in the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus, but I dispute that. This new product is packed with powerful features borne of the marriage between two brands and I am happy with the way it operates, allows me to make phone calls when my iPhone is enabled and that Run Club app is amazing.

That sexy strap deserves its own compliment. The space-age silver aluminum case surrounded by the flat silver 42mm Volt Nike Sport Band gets more attention from my locker room mates than my girlfriend would if she accidentally strolled in unannounced. Okay. Maybe that’s an exaggeration.

For me, it all comes down to the Nike Plus Run Club app that took next to no time to put my fitness house into order. Can I justify the price? Yes and no. But at least I had enough cash left to take my girlfriend out to dinner so I could tell her how much I love her!

Is there one feature you would pay any amount of money to have if a company offered to custom-make a smart watch for you – or do you draw the line when the price tag is as hefty as the one attached to this watch, no matter how many bells and whistles it has?

Aidan H.

Aidan is the Editor-in-Chief of RunSociety. With more than a decade of editorial and marketing experience working with over thousands of writers. Aidan has also written for several popular websites reaching millions of readers. Recognised as an expert on the web, his focus is to oversee RunSociety’s Creativity Channel, spanning a wide range of inspirational and enriching topics daily to the community. Get in touch with him if you have something to say, or want to weigh in on an interesting topic at hello@runsociety.com.

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