Why I Can’t Keep the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds Off My Ears

by On Nov 29, 2014
Why I Can't Keep My Ears Off the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

When you are into fitness, a vital part of your workout, run, or any other training session is probably your music, which means you need a good pair of earbuds. Furthermore, you will want a pair of wireless earbuds to remove the inconvenience of an annoying wire slapping against your side or getting caught in your arm while you train. In my experience with Jabra's Sport Pulse earbuds, they do all of this for me and much more.

My Workout with a Blast

These earbuds help me bring my workouts to a whole new level. Thanks to Dolby's customisable sound enhancement and powerful, built-in speakers delivering world-class sound, the Sport Pulse will deliver a premium wireless sound experience to fire up your workout and give you that extra motivation to reach that extra mile or perform that extra rep.

When I used to work out with regular earbuds, some of the things I was doing required a lot of body motion; I found that my earbuds' long wire constantly interfered with this, aggravating my workout. The Sport Pulse's wire-free Bluetooth feature removed this annoyance - I now cannot go back to regular earbuds. In-line earbud controls let you control your music, as well as make and receive calls directly from the earbuds themselves. "Ergonomic Audio Response Technology" allows for the earbuds to fit comfortably and securely into your ears to keep you concentrated on your training.

Why I Can't Keep My Ears Off the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

A built-in heart rate monitor provides an "all-in-one training solution," helping your workout be the best that it can be. The earbuds work with the most popular exercise apps on both the Apple and Android app stores, and can be paired with the Jabra SportLife app for integrated training management and three built in fitness tests.

Stand Up to the Test

Another benefit of the Sport Pulse earbuds is their durability. The earbuds are designed to meet the US military's standards for IP55 certified weather, shock, and dust resistance, and are covered with military-grade Kevlar and carbon fiber. Whereas regular earbuds often don't last long with me, these have survived everything from water to getting stepped on.

Although the Sport Pulse earbuds are advanced, high quality earbuds, there are certain aspects to them I've found that should be taken into account you buy them.

Quality Comes with a Price

For those on a budget, these earbuds are not cheap, at a costly price of S$298 but I put together the money, and now I'm more than happy with my choice. Another thing that I've had trouble with is that the earbuds have trouble pairing and working with iOS's new app, HealthKit but they work great with the Jabra SportLife app. The Sport Pulse also comes in various sizes for the ear wings and ear gels, I had no problem finding the ones that suited me best and were most comfortable for my ears.

Why I Can't Keep My Ears Off the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

I have tried some headphones and I can confidently tell you that Jabra's Sport Pulse earbuds are up there with the best, and will deliver premium-quality music along with a variety of other convenient and useful features to help you achieve a great training and music experience. If you are looking to buy these earbuds, you can buy them knowing that they will deliver pleasing results.

Runner’s Boon

  • Dolby's customisable sound enhancement and powerful built-in speakers deliver world-class premium wireless sound experience.
  • Sensitive built-in heart rate monitor with dedicated Jabra SportLife app for integrated training management.

Runner’s Bane

  • Steep price might put potential buyers off.
  • Some integration issues with other 3rd party app, e.g. iOS 8 Healthkit.

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