Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List

by On May 4, 2016

Stamina is utterly important, and stamina is only possible if it's managed well.

Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List

Every time new technology hits the market, my brain scrambles to figure out how I can get my hands on it. Then, my practical side shouts: "Seriously?" That's followed by this lecture: if I acquire everything that tickles my fancy, my bills will go unpaid and my cat and I will be living in a tent.

But, when I came across the GoMore Stamina Sensor, I realized that this would be no frivolous addition to my running tool library, mostly because my stamina (in my opinion) could use some fine tuning.

After reading about the GoMore Stamina Sensor, I was impressed — especially after visiting the website and watching the little cartoon character show me how it works — at which point, I said, “Yes, please,” to this little gem.

Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List

How it Works

From the moment I strap on the GoMore Stamina Sensor, the unit begins its MI-5-worthy sleuthing by monitoring my stamina as I undertake my exercise routines. If my stamina begins to wane, I'm alerted so I can take steps to combat the respiratory distress I experience that triggers lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue.

These results are calculated by the heart rate feature at the epicenter of this sensor, measuring my performance changes at a rate of an impressive 64k data points per second. GoMore likes to compare this product to an automobile. I'm the car (make it a Bentley).

I'm running like a champion, but my stamina begins to fade. I need fuel. But what sort of fuel? The sensor recommends what my body needs to boost my stamina: go faster, go slower or stop to "recharge my battery." Think data delivery on-the-go!

Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List

Benefits of the GoMore Sensor

  1. It takes very little time to learn how to read the various screens because the information, even for people like me who are technologically impaired, is so easily understood and readable. Love the graphics and charts!
  2. I always thought I was capable of assessing my performance limits, but until I wore this sensor, I was clueless. The GoMore Stamina Sensor acts like my personal coach informing me of how many calories I'm burning in addition to giving me those vital, real-time stamina read-outs, so I cut down on my chances of injuring myself as a result.
  3. Do you remember how you felt when your school report card was handed to you? I do. The thrill of bringing home grades that showed how much I had improved is a great analogy when describing how the GoMore Stamina Sensor works. Before I wore it, I assumed that my stamina was improving. Now, I know it is. What a joy to celebrate real success verified by the sensor!
  4. Remember that impressive 64k data point per second collection rate? That's how precise the heart rate monitor is thanks to medical-grade biosensor technology. If you've been let down in the past by a less-than-accurate heart rate monitor, you'll be impressed by this one and the "real-time alerts" via my iPhone app (there's also a vibration feature) even inform me when I've only 60-, 30- or 0-percent stamina reserves.

Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List

Runner's Boon

  • Receive everything you need to get up and running fast all packed into a neat little box: a Quick Start Guide, Micro USB Charging cable, adjustable chest device and the sensor itself.
  • The 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery takes around 90 minutes of charge time using the USB cable. Expect that charge to last up to 24 hours.
  • Lightweight and splash-resistant, the chest belt is made of conductive polymer, so it's easily cleaned with water and fabricated to last a long time. The sensor itself is impact-resistant.
  • Thanks to Bluetooth technology, single color LED lights and the high-efficiency motor, reports keeping tabs on my performance are easy to read and continually updated, so it took no time to get into the habit of referring to the data frequently.
  • The GoMore App is available on both iPhone on iOS version 8.0 and above, and smartphones on Android 4.0 and above.

Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List

Runner's Bane

  • If you wish to use the system for long-duration events, you'll be required to carry your smartphone.
  • The developers have a second generation GoMore Stamina Sensor in works featuring improved data collection and reporting features. They will be a new generation sensor but the Apps are shared. Besides, the App will be freely downloadable and upgrade by users easily via App store/ Google play. The App also (GoMore) supports both iOS and Android. So you may wish to wait.
  • At US$150 (or £100), you may need to calculate your budget.

Check out where to buy the GoMore Sensor here or you can also get it on Amazon.

Worried About Your Stamina? Put this GoMore Sensor on Your Wish List


Being able to keep tabs on my stamina highs and lows thanks to this handy gadget was well worth the time I spent to acquire it. If that second generation GoMore Stamina Sensor comes onto the market in the near future, I'll likely try it too!

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