I confess: The eyewear I like to wear needs to look as good as it functions, which is why I took a long, hard look at the Zungle Viper to deliver a balanced review. Was I struck by the uniqueness of these glasses? Not exactly. They look just like the shades I’ve been stalking during my shopping and decision-making process: trendy matte black texture and they’re sophisticated enough to meet my personal standard.

Did it impress me that these Vipers seem to be the darling of trend setters around the globe? The answer is yes. My look is my calling card, but there were more elements to weigh before I was willing to give this product my seal of approval:

  • These glasses are heavy, which can make popping them on my head when they’re not being worn a pain.
  • I had trouble folding these specs down so I could stow them in my pocket.
  • On the other hand, I went out for my usual run and they didn’t start sliding, even when I began to sweat.
  • It took less than an hour to recharge these after my run, so I was impressed.
  • Who doesn’t like the idea of swapping out lenses that add a fashion statement?

Beyond looks comes function

The wearable device has become today’s hottest must-have and I admit to being intrigued by this product’s capability to deliver a solid connection without making me feel like a walking electronic device. Whether I’m taking a call or connecting to my cyber “toys,” I admit that falling in love happened relatively fast.

Then I took them for a stroll and found a couple of imperfections. These are not noise-cancelling specs and if you’re dealing in government secrets, you could lose your job since other people can hear what you’re talking about!

The Viper employs bone conduction technology that takes advantage of proximity to the eardrums, so the manufacturer has the right idea but there are sound improvements to be made to help those of us who prefer not to have our secrets broadcast.

The battery life is good (and I already remarked about recharge capacity), giving me about 4 hours of play time. Bluetooth capability is quick to make those important connections and it took next to no time to learn to use the controls on the glasses.

Since I believe that the devil is in the details, reading the Viper’s spec list revealed additional information I wanted to know about. They include:

  • Weighing just 50g, they sure felt heavier than this number suggests.
  • UV400/polarised lenses are FDA certified so my eyes benefit every time I wear these.
  • Wireless range is 10 meters, which is definitely a plus.
  • This visual device works with all of my stash: tablet, computer and mobile.
  • I can’t verify the company claim of 100 hours of standby time because I’m rather OCD about charging.
  • Thankfully, a charging cable and manual are included, so I didn’t have buy accessories to get going.

My bottom line

No complaints about the speed with which I can get these Zungles activated. I hold the power button down for 2 secs, look for blinking cyan lights, connect to Bluetooth and the job is done. While I really took issue with the whole privacy thing—my conversations being shared with the world—I get that engineers are likely hard at work to find a solution to this without ruining the fashion-forward look.

If sales are any indicator of popularity, I’d say that these specs are going to continue to sell out fast.

How important does the ability of other people hearing your private conversations impact your buying decision when you can enjoy such advanced technology?

[su_highlight]The Zungle Viper comes with a 7 days returns worldwide and is available in 3 different colours with multiple lens starting from US$149.99 at its online store.[/su_highlight]
Kelvin Yup

Kelvin is an avid runner and correspondent for RunSociety. He is deeply passionate in creative work and with an eye for photography.

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