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What Runners Can Learn From Muay Thai Fighters

What Runners Can Learn From Muay Thai Fighters

Ever wondered what’s the main difference between a competitive martial artist/fighter and runners especially endurance runners or even casual but active marathon and long distance runners? Apart from the different goals of the former being about finishing timings and the latter about being better than an opponent in reaction, the differences are that mainly martial arts especially modern Mixed martial arts (MMA) training is very anaerobic in nature much like sprinters’ training.

Kung Fu Running? This 21st Century Athletic Pairing Really Kicks Some Butt

Kung Fu Running? Time to Kick Some Butt!

At first blush, the idea of Kung Fu running sounds like intermittent training: you run a distance, stop in your tracks to undertake a bunch of martial arts moves and then you pick up the pace and run some more. Sound illogical? You’re taking this physical pairing too literally.