Will You Exercise At Home or Run Outdoor More?

by On May 3, 2020

Runners are being asked to make choices these days, so be wise about your decisions so you stay safe and healthy until the world gets back to normal.

Will You Exercise At Home or Run Outdoor More?

Should you run or stick around? If you're careful, you can do both so you stay in great shape while surviving this historic, world-wide epidemic.

Maximize your time at home

Who needs lots of space or fitness equipment. Ready to jump in to a new world of at-home fitness with these effective workouts?

1. Spiderman Plank

2. Burpees

3. Split Jump Lunges

4. Push-Ups

5. Squat

6. Deadlifts

7. Heel Slides

8. Standing Bicycle Crunches

Prioritise the big 5

Wondering which areas of your body require the most amount of tender loving care if you’re to stay fit until you can engage in outdoor activities once the virus is history? No mystery. Devote your time to these:

  1. Tone your upper body with biceps curls, triceps curls, bench presses, overhead presses, lateral raises and upright rows.
  2. Your lower body needs love, too. Favourite exercises to keep your lower body fit include lunges, squats, step-ups, mountain climbers and squat-thrusts.
  3. Never ignore your core. Push-ups, leg raises and planks do the job.
  4. Cardio strengthens your heart and lungs. Substitute jump roping or stairs for sprinting.
  5. Without stretching exercises, no workout routine would be complete.

4 safety tips if you decide to go running outdoor

Health experts say the risk of infection from outdoor exercise is low if we practice some common sense guidelines.

  • Stay more than 2 metres away from other runners. Health experts recommend runners maintain a distance of twice that number: 4 metres. Run alone and run far away from other people. 
  • Avoid running in highly populated areas and choose off-peak times, like late at night or early morning.
  • You don't have to wear a mask if you are running or jogging but you must put it back on once the activity is over. Don a reusable mask and walking is not considered strenuous activity.
  • Slow down. Push hard but don't forget proper distancing recommendations.

What are you doing to stay safe? Have you found creative, unique ways to stay fit safely? Why not share your clever ideas(s)?

Liam is a competitive triathlete who have competed in more than 50 races around the world. He is an expert in performance coaching and holds a master's degree in applied sport and exercise psychology. He began training for his first marathon after graduating from college. As an accredited triathlon coach, he wished to share his journey of pushing over the limits. Furthermore, he is a statistician specialised in the Sports statistics and analytics.

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