How to Include Cycling in Your Running Training

by On Nov 8, 2017

It never gets easier, you just get faster.

How to Include Cycling in Your Running Training

Exercise is extremely important to your health. It helps you feel better, look better, and live better in general. Runners, especially, know this to be true. However, as the weather is growing cooler, it can put a damper on your exercise routine.

From running each day, you don’t want the cooler and even colder weather to get you down. You need to find an alternative to keep you working towards your goal. Cycling is a workout with multiple benefits for runners. With winter approaching, you might give spinning a chance. Don’t know why you should? Keep on reading.

1. Keep Your Shape During Winter

Burning calories is not something that many runners really consider, but when the weather gets colder, people tend to eat more to keep them warm. However, more calories can mean more weight, and if you are a beginning runner, you will want to stay as lean as possible.

A lean body is essential to getting faster running times and reduce injuries to the joints. One of the benefits of an exercise bike is that it works out your abs. This means you’ll keep your shape during winter without being too concern about the problem.

If the day is too cold or too hot to get your run on, then you can hop on an exercise bike to get your calorie burn. You can work as hard or as soft as you want to.

How to Include Cycling in Your Running Training

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2. Suffer from Hypermobile Joints?

If you are concerned about your joints, bikes can help you maintain them healthy and even strengthen the ones that are weaker after prolonged use. The best part about riding a bike is the ability to be as low impact as you want.

For runners, biking is the perfect way to build up those joints to prevent injuries. How? Well, biking is done in a repetitive motion. This motion helps to warm up the joint, stretch it out, and get it loose. In this way, it can prevent any unnecessary stress on your knees or hips before pounding the pavement for your run. The low impact factor is heightened even more so when using an indoor stationary bike.

3. Get Better Times

If you may be wondering what strategic exercise is, learn that it is something that exercisers everywhere do regularly. Strategic exercise is meant to help you boost your exercise over time. For runners, strategic exercise is necessary for boosting running times for marathons.

With a stationary bike, you can gradually increase your rides to get the best calorie burn and muscle training that you want over a period to prevent injuries or pre-mature exhaustion, and it might even help your running as well.

If you are training to run a marathon, strategic exercise can be beneficial to your training. By working slowly toward your goal, you will be more likely to finish that goal in a timely manner. Set a goal for yourself and push towards it. When you hit that goal, set a new one.

How to Include Cycling in Your Running Training

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4. Add Strength Training to Your Routine

A great way to help burn fat and calories is to work your muscles. Cycling is not the only idea for cardio, but it can be beneficial for strength training as well. The building of muscles in a low impact way is perfect for getting the muscle tone you need to get stronger and faster. The stronger your muscles are, the better they will be able to carry your body. This type of strategic exercise is called isotonic exercise.

Runners are always looking for ways to boost their strength, stamina, and speed. Biking is a great way to get this done. Your stamina is boosted because your muscles are able to put in more work. Your speed is boosted because of your stamina, and the more strength you have, the better a runner you will become.

How to Include Cycling in Your Running Training

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5. Bad Weather, No Problem

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should choose to start cycling is that you can do it indoors, without thinking about the weather. All types of weather can hinder or even stop a workout. If you are training for an event or even just trying to lose weight, the weather can become a huge problem for your routine.

Even if you live in a mild climate, at some point, it is going to rain. If you live in an area where it gets cold during the winter time, then having an indoor stationary bike would be beneficial because you can continue your workouts even when the weather gets bad. Additionally, if the weather gets too hot or too humid to workout outdoors, an indoor stationary bike could be beneficial to your health in more ways than one.


Cycling can be a workout that helps runners in need. From staying in shape during winter or ensuring you maintain your joints healthily, cycling can provide the type of workout you need. Those who want to participate in a marathon should go spinning for increasing the speed, stamina, and strength.

No matter the weather, having a stationary bike inside your house is a great way to ensure that you aren't missing out on any training.

Mike Jones learned how to ride a bike when he was a kid. Since 2014, he tries to get around the city by bike. Recently, Mike grouped with a couple of friends and goes running every morning before work.

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