How To Pack The Perfect Gym Bag

by On Jun 2, 2018

Pack in your extra clothing and towel, but what are the other things to bring to pack the perfect gym bag?

How To Pack The Perfect Gym Bag

Living in this fast-paced world often turns even the simplest of tasks into tedious ones, including the one part of your life, meant to help you reduce stress and stay healthy – your fitness routine. It’s challenging to find the right routine, adapt it to your needs, and then find ways to vary it every now and then in order to maintain the level of progress you strive for.

Then there are your nutritional needs and crafting the perfect meal plan to accompany your exercise regime.

However, even after all of those complex and ever-changing segments of your fitness regime are done and dealt with, other tasks that fall into your “fitness footnotes” are often neglected, no matter their relevance.

For women who train on a regular basis, what you pack in your bag is as important is having that workout program prepared – and this is how you can make sure you have everything you need every time you head to the gym.

How To Pack The Perfect Gym Bag

Hygiene essentials

The items that should never really leave your bag are the ones that will keep you clean and refreshed both before and after your workout. Oftentimes people go to the gym straight from work, and you cannot afford not having those cleansing essentials with you. Everything from your shower basics, all the way to a spare pair of socks, underwear, and a deodorant stick will keep you covered for your gym session.

However, in order to keep your bag as light as possible, it’s best to pack smaller bottles and tubes, such as the ones you’d buy for your carry-on luggage. These may last shorter and you may need to resupply more often, but they will at least not turn your bag into yet another Farmer’s walk gadget. Of course, a clean towel is always a must.

How To Pack The Perfect Gym Bag

Safety first

If you take a look around your gym, you’d probably notice that the most experienced of fitness enthusiasts are the ones who pack a whole array of additional equipment, while the rookies just bring their towel and water bottle. Depending on the complexity of your workout and your current health condition, you should consider carrying your safety gear in your bag at all times.

That means that those lifting belts, your protective gloves, your chalk, and all other straps and wraps you may be using should never leave your gym bag – except when you’re washing and airing them, of course. You may not be doing the squat every day of your program, but it’s best to have your belt with you than to forget it for the next time you hit the gym.

How To Pack The Perfect Gym Bag

Mind your comfort

Every lady knows all too well the struggles of packing the wrong workout bra and the wrong pair of tights. The level of comfort you need to enjoy your workout is so much more than that. It also affects how focused you are on your workout, how much mobility and flexibility you have, and the right fabrics are pivotal in preventing injuries by providing you proper visibility when you perform a compound movement.

To that end, pick the best possible wearables for your routine. If you’re an avid runner of you have explosive exercises that put lots of stress on your joints, a pair of durable Nike shoes will help you keep those ankles healthy and will make every single step strong and safe.

Make sure that your tights and tops are made of breathable materials and that they fit well so that you can always have enough freedom to move while still providing your muscles with proper support.

Nutrition essentials

Whether you’re going to the gym right after or before work, or your workouts are truly grueling on your body, having the right amount of water and healthy snacks is as important as all the rest of your fitness gear. First and foremost, never leave your sturdy water bottle behind. Among many available options, bottles such as Klean Kanteen are designed to also be insulated and very durable, so that you can have a cool sip of fresh water any time.

As for your healthy bites, you can always opt for a homemade option, which gives you full control of the ingredients you’ll use and the amounts you need. However, busy bees will love store-bought options that include protein shakes and bars to curb your post-workout hunger until you get home, and always have an energy bar ready just in case you missed your lunch at the office before your training session.

Keep in mind that these suggestions are all flexible depending on your own preferences and needs, so if you have an underlying health condition, make sure you pack the right medication as well.

With a single handy checklist such as this one, you can simplify your pre-workout packing routine and make sure that you have everything ready for your next training.

What is your kind of perfect gym bag?

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