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My #runhomesg Journey

by On Mar 16, 2018

Finding the time to run isn’t always easy, especially when the weather can be as erratic as my work schedule.

My #runhomesg Journey

In just over a month, I’ll be taking part in my first race of the year – Income Eco Run 2018 – and I’ll be absolutely honest; finding the time to train hasn’t been easy! So, when Income Eco Run launched their #runhomesg initiative, it hit me – I could use my travelling time to train for my run!

My #runhomesg Journey

Planning and Preparation

There’s always inertia to deal with when starting a new routine as well as challenges to overcome. In the case of #runhomesg, customising a route for me to take came with a few road bumps. Singapore is densely populated, both on and off the roads, so considering traffic was key.

Too many traffic lights along the route would break my momentum and slow my pace. Additionally, being glued to the phone while walking appears to be trending. As such, my two greatest challenges were choosing an efficient route that would not inconvenience both myself or the public.

My #runhomesg Journey

The benefits

The benefits of starting my #runhomesg journey far outweighed the costs. For one, I feel really good about reducing my carbon footprint, one stride at a time. It’s a great way to multi-task and maximise my travelling time. I also don’t have to deal with the peak hour traffic, which can often cause people, myself included, to get really antsy!

Working up the appetite before dinner also means I’ll get to enjoy my meal more. In fact, it’s the thought of dinner and company back home that motivates me during my run!

Some tips

To all my fellow runners deciding whether or not to #runhomesg, I’d say give it a shot. There are so many more pros than cons. To get you started, here are some tips from me –

  • Pack light – you want to run with as little extra weight as possible.
  • Leave a set of extra clothes/ shoes at work. This helps you pack light and you’ll always be covered in case you spill some coffee or curry down your shirt at work too.
  • You don’t always have to run home only, you can try running TO work, especially if you have access to shower facilities at the gym or office.
  • If the route is too long, break it up and cycle home! There are plenty of bike-sharing vendors now, so you’re spoilt for choice!
  • Pull together a group of people to run with you! Just so you don’t get lost too…

My #runhomesg Journey-4

Have you ever considered running to work and vice versa as a chance to train for an upcoming marathon and to contribute to a greener future? If yes, you should probably not miss #runhomesg and Income Eco Run 2018.

29 years old and past the bright-eyed fresh grad phase, Baldwin now finds himself working hard to create his own identity and career in the corporate world. Running started as the bane of his life before it became a passion. Weighing close to 100kg at his peak before he started, Baldwin began jogging merely 10 minutes daily and now hits 10km easily. Currently an active member of the popular running group Running Department, he has been a runner and pacer at various races, achieving impressive timings for mid to long distances in Singapore.

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