Lime is the colour of growth and energy. Combining this playful pigment with a cooler colour such as purple will make a beautiful outfit for the gym or track!

Slip on a pair of Julbo Ultra sunglasses for some shade. Try on Puma’s Sunny Lime Gym Loose Tank Top and complement it with a pair of New Balance Impact Graphic Shorts. Chase away tomorrow’s sores with the CEP Progressive+ Calf Sleeves 2.0, and a pair of purple Reebok ZQuick shoes. Lastly, wear the Soleus 262 watch to finish the outfit!

  1. Gym Loose Tank Top, US$35 at Puma
  2. Ultra Sunglasses, US$180 by Julbo
  3. Progressive+ Calf Sleeves 2.0, US$40 at CEP
  4. ZQuick, S$139 at Reebok;
  5. Soleus 262, US$95 at Soleus
  6. Impact 4 Inch Graphic Short, US$47.99 by New Balance.
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