Tired Of Big Running Brands? These 5 Running Brands Might Be For You.

If you are looking for affordable running brands with just as good quality as the big running brands, then you are at the right place! You probably would have felt that big running brands might be a little too expensive for you and you wish to switch to a better affordable running brand but you don’t know of any? Don’t worry because here at RunSociety, we have listed a few running brands for you to check it out.

Here are the 5 running brands that might be for you.

Photo Credit: Salming

1. Salming

Salming is a Swedish sports brand which was founded in the year 2001 and it was originated from the legendary Swedish ice-hockey player, Börje Salming. The brand offers a different range of products like floorball, handball, and running. The product range that Salming is selling includes shoes, sticks, clothing, and accessories for training and leisure. They are designed for both professional players and amateurs.

Salming is a world-leading brand in floorball and its handball equipment can be found in more than 10 countries, mainly in Europe.

Photo Credit: Karhu

2. Karhu

Karhu is a Finnish sports brand that was established in the year 1916 by the Ab Sport Artiklar company. The brand has a range of products ranging from discuses, javelin, running shoes and also track spikes.

In the year 2009, the Karhu Fulcrum Strong model of running shoe was awarded “Best Debut” by Runner’s World magazine. The Karhu Originals were nominated for “Sneaker of the Year 2005” at the Global Sports Style Awards in Munich in 2005.

Photo Credit: ANTA

3. ANTA Sports

ANTA Sports is a branded sportswear company in China that was founded by Ding Shizhong in the year 1994. They manufacture a different kind of sportswear ranging from sports apparels like t-shirts, shorts, pants, tanks, windbreaker, vest and even running shoes. For many years they have been engaging in design, development, manufacturing, and marketing the ANTA sportswear series to provide the mass market with professional sporting products.

ANTA has won several awards for its success in brand building such as being ranked at the 28th placing in Brand Finance Apparel 50 - Top 50 most valuable apparel brands, ranked 78th in BrandZ China Top 100 2018 and many more. They are the official supplier and sponsor of numerous teams, players and associations like Klay Thompson, Rajon Rondo, Chandler Parsons, Kevin Garnett and Manny Pacquiao. ANTA was also the official apparel sponsor for the Chinese national team at the Rio Olympics.

Photo Credit: Inov-8

4. Inov-8

Inov-8 is founded by Wayne Edy in the year 2003 and is operating in over 60 countries. The brand is now one of the world’s leading all-terrain footwear, apparel and equipment brands. They have pride in designing a high quality, innovative products in both running and performance training sectors.

The brand has won an Editor’s Choice Award for Roadclaw 275 Road Running Shoe and a major award, ISPO awards. ISPO is the world’s leading international sports business trade show that takes place in Munich, Germany, annually. Inov-8’s Race Ultra 10 vest pack, Terraclaw 250 running shoe, Race Elite Merino LSZ and Race Ultra Shell won the 2015/2016 ISPO award.

In 2018, Inov-8 became Obstacle Course Racing’s official footwear brand of the 2018 Championships.

Photo Credit: La Sportiva

5. La Sportiva

La Sportiva was founded in 1928 by Narciso Delladio in Italy. He first started his business by manufacturing boots and clogs for farmers and lumberjacks. In Worldwar II, he helped to provide Italy’s soldiers with custom mountaineering boots and he also began to make ski boots in the 1950s. Their products are widely available in Europe and North America.

The brand has sponsored athletes across a number of sports including mountain running, rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, and skiing. Their product G2 SM has been awarded the Product of the Year Award in the category absolute “outdoor”. They have also won two prestigious editorial awards for its new Mountain Running shoe, the Mutant.

What is your preferred running brand among the five?