Will you redefine the trails at the First Polar Online Race 2020?

by On Jun 10, 2020

It's about time you joined the online run community. Polar and Spacebib have collaborated on an upcoming online race for you to explore trail running.

Will you redefine the trails at the First Polar Online Race 2020?

Online races are more popular than ever for runners who are tired of hordes of participants, endless queues and insufficient time to run their races.

Challenge yourself to keep your running ambitions alive with the Polar Online Race. Reward yourself by participating in this event to win great prizes such as the latest Polar watch, the Polar Grit X and many more!

About Polar Online Race 2020

What’s unique about this event? The Polar Online Race encourages runners to redefine trails with the race distance to be composed of road and trail. This new kind of hybrid race will intrigue both veteran and new runners eager to give this race a go.

Register to be part of this debut online race, choosing between categories of 25km, 50km or 100km distances clocked between the August 1 and August 31, 2020.

Choose your method (outdoors or treadmill), and then upload results of the runs as you accumulate kilometers throughout August. Stand a chance to win great prizes when run at least 5-15km on any trails when you are choosing the respective categories to participate: eligible to any participants with shipping address in Southeast Asia countries only.

Not just that, you will receive a special promo code: ONLINERACE20OFF to purchase any watches (except Grit X, Grit X straps, Les Mills straps and H9) at 20% off!

The promo code is valid at the following web stores till Dec 31, 2020:

Time is on your side

Polar Is Creating The First Ever Online Race 2020
Polar Grit X

The Polar Online Race 2020 is more than just an addition to the Singapore running scene; it’s also a salute to Polar, who is eager to introduce runners to the company’s newest, most amazing advancement: The Polar Grit X Outdoor Multisport watch.

This new timepiece is the pride of the company that has been an industry leader since 1977, though technological advancements have elevated the Grit X to a class of its own.

The Polar Online 2020 race theme is “Redefining Trails,” and that’s exactly what this watch, your commitment and enthusiasm, can help you to do.

Stylish, sleek and intuitive, the Polar Grit X is no ordinary multisport watch. Wearers enjoy a lightweight design, military-standard durability and ultra-long battery life. Bells and whistles include the FuelWise™ fueling assistant, real-time route guidance, and the ability to get detailed uphill and downhill stats with Hill Splitter™.

Visit the site to see how sophisticated and remarkable the Polar Grit X is.

How to win a Polar watch?

Stand a chance of winning the Polar Grit X (worth S$689) when collective results have been tabulated at the end of the race.

For instance, it is not counted if the participant signed up for the 100km category and clocked a total of 100km on the road.

The participant must clock a mandatory minimum distance of 15km on trail within the race period from 1 August 2020- 31 August 2020, in order to qualify for the prizes.

Futhermore, if the participant wants to run more than 100km, he or she can clock as many distances on the road, as long as, the participant has completed the mandatory 15km on trail.

So what’s the catch? If you want to be qualify to win the Polar Grit X or any of other prizes, a participant have to run the minimum trail distance given in the category.

Therefore, we encourage participants to increase the threshold mileage by running either one of the categories indicated on the registration page and you might walk away with a Polar watch in each individual category.

1st prize: a Polar Grit X watch valued at S$689

Running the First Polar Online Race 2020 to Redefine Trails
Polar Grit X

2nd prize: a Polar Vantage M watch worth S$469

Running the First Polar Online Race 2020 to Redefine Trails
Polar Vantage M

3rd prize: a Polar Ignite watch worth S$349

Running the First Polar Online Race 2020 to Redefine Trails
Polar Ignite (Black)

What must you do to qualify for one of these prizes? Upload a GPS screenshot proving your accomplishment by meeting these criteria:

  • 1st Prize: The winner who clocked the most distance for the 100km category with a minimum of 15km of trail terrain
  • 2nd prize: The winner who clocked the most distance for the 50km category with a minimum of 10km of trail terrain
  • 3rd prize: The winner who clocked the most distance for the 25km category with a minimum of 5km of trail terrain

Increase your chances of winning the top prize for each category if you are a Polar user and upload a GPS screenshot with the Polar Flow/ Polar Beat app.

Everyone’s a winner

Whether you are aiming for a Polar watch, or intending to push your limits after a long period of inactivity, or perhaps, you’re just eager to be part of Singapore’s running community, you have everything to gain. Finishers will receive e-Cert, e-Badge and e-Bib, but if you signed up for a classic slot, you will receive extra medal and event tee.

What’s more?

Best Trail Picture Contest Giveaway on Instagram

Polar is giving away an additional Polar Grit X worth S$689 for free for the “Best Trail Picture” contest on Instagram! All you need to do is take a nice scenery picture and post it on your Instagram account whenever you are making a run for the Polar Online Race. Remember to hashtag the following:


and tag @Polar Singapore to prove your distance accomplishments as well. These screenshots will automatically enter The “Best Trail Picture” contest giveaway. The contest ends on August 31, 2020, and only participants who reside in South East Asia are eligible. One winner will be announced after the end of the race.

So, let’s start to run and explore the trails again!

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