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Singapore Running Calendar 2012: What’s up?

by On Dec 31, 2011
Singapore Running Calendar 2012 - What's up

Hey ho it’s 2012! It’s that time of the year where you need to decide, and decide quick how many of those race bibs, FINISHER tees and medals you’d like to add to that collection of yours. Yes, while many of you were out merrying during the holiday season, Team RunSociety was engaged in a sprint effort to push THIS out: The Event Calendar. Primed with a cluster of features, we thought it’d be better if we run you through them to help you ease in.

TWO Views

Depending on personal preference, you could view the calendar either in ‘Event List’ or ‘Calendar’ mode. As they connote, one offers you a summary view of the year's races while the other, races happening in a particular month. Note: they are all running events.

Choose between the 'Event List' (top) or 'Calendar view

Choose between the 'Event List' (top) or 'Calendar' view (bottom)

Print it

Guess what? The Event Calendar’s print-friendly! Our advice is to have them inked out in your office without your boss’ knowledge and pin them at the side of your cubicle to keep you motivated in that mundane corporate setting.

Click on the icon as depicted by the red box for a print preview

Click on the icon as depicted by the red box for a print preview

Individual Event Profile

Information essentials such as a brief event description, time, place, so on and so forth; you’ll be able to find them at a glance here. We’ll also attach related coverage articles as and when we publish them. Engage in free-wheeling discussion too by leaving comments right at the page bottom.

Here's how a typical event profile looks like

Here's how a typical event profile looks like

iCal & Google Cal

Yes, it’s possible to synchronise The Event Calendar with iCal & Google Cal for convenience’s sake.

The sync link for iCal and Google Cal on the bottom right corner of the page

The sync link for iCal and Google Cal at the bottom right corner of the page

Verification by Organiser

Until you see a green ‘tick’, please take our word with a pinch of salt. (They are subject to date changes together with miscellaneous handfuls.) It’s still rather early in the year to confirm race events especially should they fall in the latter portion.

If it's got a'GREEN' tick, it's reliable

If it's got a green 'tick', it's reliable

RunSociety plans to add more to the list. Whatever help you can offer would be much appreciated. Please do feed us information on any events we’ve missed. In the meantime, feel free to access The Event Calendar.

In these stressful and uncertain times, getting updated with accurate and useful information has never been so critical. No matter how unsettled the future feels, RunSociety will remain with you, delivering high quality news for free so we can all make critical decisions about our lives and health. Together we can overcome.

What we can do to help the situation is to keep our body and immune system in peak condition. If you are allowed or able to run outdoors, please do so cautiously but not panicky. Join our free online race to motivate you and pay tribute to our frontline heroes.

Years back, seeds were sown when Shaun undertook a marketing communications role at a Singapore-based sports distributorship. There, a couple of international sporting brands fell under his purview. He's made the decision to migrate to the receiving end since, placing himself right at the heart of true competition.

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