Is it possible to expand upon a popular, trendy idea like the RunSociety concept and take it to the next level? Of course it is — because RunSociety has become an invaluable resource to runners who know this magazine does not take the needs and wants of Singapore runners lightly.

Founded in 2011, RunSociety was welcomed into Singapore’s run community just five years ago, athletes tell us it feels as though we’ve been around forever.

RunSociety priorities include journalistic integrity, a non-biased approach to subject matter, maintaining a reputation for integrity and trust, and toward that end, everyday runners requiring solid, insightful reportage.

That’s why you will want to know that the same team committed to making RunSociety the preferred playground of Singapore runners is behind Spacebib, the new, participants-focused, user-involved platform has already begun to change the way the Singapore running community thinks, functions and acts.

Don’t know about it? You will! Spacebib is the solution to the problems or restrictions that you have and will encounter.

All About Spacebib

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” and we did. We knew that there was a need for a change and we chose to do it with Spacebib.

There are more benefits for using Spacebib. Click to find out more.
  • Spacebib comes to you from a brand you trust: RunSociety. Our team knows you, your preferences and your desires, so there’s no lengthy process to build familiarity.
  • Spacebib can end forever problems and frustration associated with juggling multiple accounts, endless email Spam and the need to visit site after site to register for events. No more hidden or unreasonable membership fees and add-ons, either.
  • Spacebib offers unprecedented access to runner-related events. Spacebib has you covered because it’s an official marketplace, so expect the same benefits and privileges — in a smarter, more customer-centric environment.
  • Spacebib gives you single log-in privileges for everything you do. Maintain and take control of your profile on the site (hassle free changes allowed, of course). Access to customer service? Round the clock.
  • Spacebib is all about simplicity. Currently, we have six events selling on Spacebib. More are being added soon and we have over 25,000 users to thank for helping us build our concept so successfully thus far.
  • Spacebib may be dedicated to running but it’s fuelled by the enthusiasm of the spirit of mass participation sports. Expect more variety of sports as Spacebib expands.

A Runner’s Story

A friend of a friend of ours is a frequent runner. Let’s call her Rachel. Rachel is a very busy women. She has to juggle her roles of a mother, daughter, wife at home yet a supervisor and employee at work. Slowly she stopped running, not because she lost interest in it, but she has simply no time to keep track of the upcoming events, going through numerous emails and browsing websites.

Rachel isn’t the only one bothered with such inconvenience and hassle. We feel it because the problems affect us, our friends and loved ones too. Can we do something to change this? We pondered and decided to give it a go, not just for Rachel but for the good of all runners and the community.

It took a while before Rachel was willing to investigate Spacebib. But, when she learned that this “exciting new platform” could in fact, make her life easier, she was ready to give it a try.

“So purchase all running event tickets in one place? Brilliant idea!”, she thought to herself. No more multiple accounts; spam-filled mailboxes; completing different complicated entry forms repeatedly on various websites; hidden or unreasonable fees. She was especially impressed with buyer assurances that protect her and provide personal assistance 24/7. She signed up and hasn’t looked back!

Now, there is a better way to register all your favourite running events in one place.

Glad to Provide Convenience

There’s something pioneering about getting in on the ground floor of a futuristic resource that has the potential to change the way you handle your leisure-focused calendar, time and activities. All it takes is a few keystrokes to join like-minded people who have discovered the convenience that is Spacebib.

You won’t just become a number when you join. You’ll become a partner, with all of the privileges that come with this close association.

A Welcome Gift

We wish to continue to give back to the community and give everyone more reason to participate in running events and stay healthier. That’s why we are giving a $3 off coupon to celebrate the official launch of Spacebib. You can use it on any event listed on Spacebib today. Hurry, it’s only limited to 300 uses. Let’s race together!

Use this $3 coupon on Spacebib now for any events listed. You can apply the code at the checkout page.

Are you ready to enjoy running easier and better? Visit Spacebib and your world will begin to expand the moment you read the welcome page.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates here on RunSociety as we continue to bring you the latest happenings at Spacebib.

Terrance Huang

Terrance is the Co-founder of RunSociety. Originating from a developer background, he's been coding for over 10 years. He loves to share insightful findings in writing with the community. A true believer of quality and awesome things, he is on the glorious pursuits of diverse ingenuity.

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