Registering for the first race in your life is intimidating. Firstly, you need to find the race that you’re interested in. Secondly, you need to register for the race of your choice by filling up the forms and making payment. Fortunately, you can do both steps seamlessly at Spacebib, a platform where people can participate in sports easily.

When you register for a race, these questions most likely arise at least once: How do I choose my t-shirt size? How am I supposed to know my shirt size if I don’t try it? What if I choose the wrong size? When and how can I receive all these entitlements? Do not panic, we are here to guide you on all the things you need to know about race entitlements.

Race Singlets and Tee

Before you register for a race, you need to know the size of your race singlet or tee. You won’t be able to try the singlet/tee in advance, so you need to follow the sizing guide provided by race organiser. Each race and manufacturer have different sizes and measurements, therefore it’s important to follow the size guide provided only by the race that you intend to register for.

In a typical sizing guide, “across chest” or “half-chest” refers to the width of the singlet/tee, not the width of body, measured from just below one armpit to the other armpit. Meanwhile, “full chest” refers to the total circumference of a singlet/tee around the chest. When you encounter the terms “chest” or “chest width,” they usually mean “across chest.”

“Length” refers to the length of singlet or T-shirt from the collar band to the hem at its longest point.

Singlet Size (Photo Credit: Newton Challenge)

When you’re really interested in a race, you should act fast. Most race organisers order the singlet or race tee in advance, so there are limited stocks on each size. People who register nearer to the event day usually can’t get their preferred size and have to settle for other sizes that are too big or small for them.

Some races have different singlet/tee design for male and female, others provide only unisex design. Unisex clothing is suitable for both male and female wearers.

Take note that race singlet/tee measurement might be slightly different from the actual size, so it’s always safer to choose a bigger size than a smaller one.

Most race organisers do not entertain participants’ request to change singlet/tee size after registration has been completed. So, choose your size wisely!

Race Bib (with or without timing chips)

Most races provide personalised race bib for participants, but there are non-competitive races that provide only wristband. For competitive races, there will be a timing chip for each participant, either attached to race bib or in the form of a standalone timing chip that is worn around shoelaces.

Ensure that your timing chip is not folded before and during the race, otherwise, your race timings won’t be detected and you won’t be able to find your race result. Also, during the race, always run within the designated lanes so that your timing chip can be detected by the timing chip system.

Photo Credit: Twenty Six and Then Some

Finisher’s Medals

Finisher’s medals are given to runners who have completed a race. If a runner doesn’t show up or is not able to complete the race within the specified cut-off timings, he or she will not receive the finisher’s medal.

Not all races distribute finisher’s medals to its finishers.

Photo Credit: Singapore Marathon

Finisher’s Tee

Similar to finisher’s medals, finisher’s tees are given only to runners who have completed the race. Not all races distribute finisher’s tees. Those races who distribute finisher’s tees usually do it only for the long-distance categories.

If you register for the category and race that gives finisher’s tee to its finishers, you need to choose the size of your tee during registration.

Photo Credit: Sundown Marathon

Goodie Bag

Other than the necessary entitlements, some races provide goodies to its race participants. These goodies may include snacks, drinks, sports products, vouchers, toys, or even daily necessities.

Race Certificate

Some races provide race certificates, some don’t. Most of the time, the certificate is given in softcopy and sent by email.

Race Entry Pack Collection

All of the entitlements above, except finisher’s medal, finisher’s tee and race certificate, can be collected during race entry pack collection, which is held somewhere between 2 weeks prior to the race and race day.

What are the difficulties you encounter during race registration?

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