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Confessions of a Singapore Running Girl with Her Running Gear

by On Feb 23, 2016
Confessions of a Singapore Running Girl

What's not to love about the Singapore running scene? Sure, the weather gets sultry on occasion, but that's why scientists invented deodorants.

I love the people I meet most of all—especially my running club buds—because they inspire me to push my limits.

That stated, I must issue a confession: If I couldn't have some of my favourite things when I run, I might pout, stomp and become petulant. Some of my fav things are essential. Others pamper me. A few add so much to my running life, they even improve my performance.

Fav hydration drink:

I always recommend Pocari Sweat when I'm asked for sports beverage suggestions. This beverage is packed with good stuff that helps me recover faster since I sweat big time and the nutrients and electrolytes in this drink replenish and re-energize me.

I'm also won over by the company's plan to send a dream capsule to the moon in the shape of a Pocari Sweat bottle filled with the powder. While the latest SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket set to take Pocari Sweat to the moon didn't exactly perform as expected on 17 January 2016, I'm not worried because this drink remains my rocket fuel.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav running top:

Dare I mention the subject of sweat again after that Pocari Sweat homage? Well, I don't have to fret about it thanks to the Nike Pro Cool Women's Short Sleeve Training Top I bought in my fav colours—pink and black—from Nike.

I love feeling dry all the time thanks to Nike's proprietary Dri-FIT fabric and the fit is fabulous, as is the set-in sleeve construction. And, since I'm Mother Earth's #1 fan, the fact that these shirts are made of 100-percent recycled poly gets my heart rate up as I help the environment, too.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav running watch:

If the Tom Tom Spark Cardio + Music watch was a guy, I'd date him. Maybe marry him. This watch looks after me like no man has and it's awesome having so many benefits wrapped around my little wrist.

The Spark tracks my heartbeat and activity levels 24/7. I confess to having gone over my budget to buy it, but a girl can't put a price on having 500 tunes stuffed into a little wrist device, right? If I get lost on a trail, the GPS feature gets me back on track.

Have I told my Mum that I bought this after promising to stick to my budget? Not yet. I'll break the news next time I introduce her to a new friend since she never admonishes me when we're in the company of others!

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav running headset:

The Jabra Sports Pace earbuds didn't have to work hard to convince me that I can't live without them.

In the past, I wore those loo-plunger-like headsets because I couldn't find anything that fit into my ears comfortably, but those days are gone. These stealthy buds are so unobtrusive, I can forget I'm wearing them when I run. Affordability was a factor but it's the Pace's wireless features that make me feel smart for choosing a product providing such awesome sound and I'm impressed by the high military rating for water and sweat tolerance (IP54) awarded to this product.

Bottom line: the reflective cord keeps me safe at night, yet the buds are so small, I no longer look like I'm on an airport tarmac landing planes.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav running pants:

As an equal opportunity fashionista, I don't feel compelled to wear Nike running pants just because I favour Nike shirts, so my pick for high running fashion gear below the waist is Puma's hot, dramatic, printed leggings in basic black and white that work with my shirts thanks to their cool color match.

Dare I add that the sleek design shows off my curves? Because this textile mix is 92-percent poly and 8-percent spandex, these pop in and out of the wash faster than my quick stir fry and I adore the jazzy pattern. Thanks to the Puma waistband tape, if I gain a pound, it doesn't show around my waistline.

I found these on sale on the Puma website.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav running shoes:

Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes are my new favs because I love the fit, I respect the brand and even negative reviews written about this shoe tend to be mostly favourable! These shoes, named for gigantic puffy clouds that dominate the sky, are comfy and lightweight and they lack the seams and stitches that can cause friction and irritation.

If I can paraphrase a running sister, allow me to rave about how these pamper my feet big time. If you can't say that about your running shoes, you should try on a pair of these and join me in the clouds every time you run.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav sports bra:

I've come to love the Underarmour Sports Bra brand because it offers support, style and design versatility that allows me to be all runner while channeling my inner Kardashian. This sexy new UA HeatGear Armour Seamless sports bra has become the star of my lingerie drawer for so many reasons.

The next-to-skin design feels good and I can wear it all day thanks to the double-layer HeatGear fabric that wicks away sweat thanks to an efficient moisture transport feature. Four-way construction means my moves aren't constrained yet the bra holds its own in the laundry.

The cups are removable and I adore the triangle back design and super-skinny straps. I don't even care that this style only comes in black and white.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav running glasses:

Project Rudy glasses are no drugstore spinner specs; they improve any runner's performance, so must I own them? Yes. They hug my face effortlessly, offer a clever ventilation system that stops fog buildup and the interchangeable lenses suit various environments.

Project Rudy glasses are space age light thanks to materials with awesome names like Kynetium™, Grilamid®, carbon and titanium. Which pair won my heart and got me to open my wallet?

The Carbomask XE Carbon Red Fluo/ImpactX Photochromic Multilaser Racing Red model. Don't let the long name scare you; these specs are shock-resistant, designed to keep my brow cool and they look like they should be in a modern art museum.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav trail running shoe:

Do my running shoes get jealous of each other? Never. Because each pair knows I depend upon them for different events, so when I put my Asics Gel Nimbus shoes next to my new Saucony Women's Peregrine 5 Trail Running Shoes, they play nicely together.

These trail runners coordinate with my other stuff and while I don't mean to sound like a lemming, I found it comforting to read that 81-percent of the women who bought this shoe on Amazon gave it five stars.

The traction is a blessing for people like me who can be clumsy when it comes to traversing rugged terrain and I appreciate the rubberised toe tip for the same reason.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Fav food after a run:

No brainer. I mix up a yummy smoothie loaded with nutrients. Here's my recipe: I take a ripe banana out of my freezer, slice it up before putting it into my blender with ½ cup of vanilla yogurt, ¼ cup chopped walnuts and 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey. Blend on low to break everything down and then on high to smooth it out. Heaven.

Confessions of a Singapore Girl Who Won't Run Without Her Favourite Stuff

Got an easy-to-fix, post-race recipe you'd like to share with the rest of us? We have our spoons and straws at the ready!

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