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Singapore Women: Why Should You Ditch Your Shirts at YOLO, Asia’s Only Shirtless Race!

by On Oct 5, 2017

Nudity will land you in jail, but removing your shirt to show off a modest sports bra is all it takes to declare your freedom from labels at the You Only Live Once (YOLO) run slated for 11 November.

Singapore Women: Ditch Your Shirts at YOLO, Asia’s Only Shirtless Race!

Sigmund Freud may have been German, but his soul appears to be rooted in Asian sensibilities. "The ego is not master in its own house," he wrote, channelling the wisdom of sages beloved by those of us living in Asia.

In fact, ego may stop us from acting on healthy urges, a process habitually blocked by painful labels, inhibitions, stereotypes and superficiality. This is especially true for women who are victims of body shaming by outside forces that would make them feel inferior and less than perfect.

Time to take a stand. Reclaim power. There’s no better place to do just that than by running the You Only Live Once (YOLO) run. It’s the only event on the Pacific Rim that can truly be called an equal opportunity event because you get to be your true self.

Singapore Women: Ditch Your Shirts at YOLO, Asia’s Only Shirtless Race!

To make a statement—that you won’t be cowed by society’s definitions—running shirtless is a way to reveal that true self and this is especially important for women who tend to be shamed more often than men. This not-to-be-missed race may be the most liberating thing you do in November and a perfect way to close out your 2017 running calendar.

An equal opportunity event

Sponsor X-Change Republic came up with the brilliant idea of running shirtless as a symbol of liberation and declaration and once a year, the company supports this event that’s as much a statement as it is a race. Women may wish to show their feisty side by registering for this year’s premier 21km distance or perhaps find out how it feels to don that timing chip and beat some men to the finish line.

Guys: your presence is requested for myriad reasons. Whip off your shirt to show off all of those hours and days spent at the gym while showing your sensitive side from the moment you declare your sensibilities in tune with the critical reasons this race is being run in the first place. Of course, you don’t have to run shirtless, but why miss the opportunity to make a statement on a day that begs men and women to stand together in solidarity?

Singapore Women: Ditch Your Shirts at YOLO, Asia’s Only Shirtless Race!

About the race

If you just want to show your support for the movement behind the spirit of this run, commit to the 5km with a promise to go a longer distance in 2018. Is your preferred distance the 10km? Compete against men and women in this category for coveted 2XU products and trophies. Or go the inaugural 21km distance in hopes of snagging 2XU products and a trophy. No matter your chosen distance, just competing says plenty about your character and hopes for a more egalitarian society in the future.

Win or lose, you receive swag that broadcasts your support of the race that’s become as much a social statement as it is a competition, though it’s okay to aim for the truly exciting giveaway that’s guaranteed to add a big boost of energy for those willing to take on the 21km: Legendary car manufacturer Alfa Romeo is going to give away brand new Giulietta cars to female and male half-marathoner top finishers, so the mass transport option you planned to take after the YOLO ends may become part of your history if you cross that finish line first!

Singapore Women: Ditch Your Shirts at YOLO, Asia’s Only Shirtless Race!

An event that keeps on giving

A visit to Spacebib website offers every detail you desire to make a registration decision, but it’s important to know that the sponsors for the event represent another facet of Singapore society: businesses and concerns that support the important goals that the YOLO represents.

One of the most creative is The Busy Woman Project (BWP), with a mission to connect, empower and inspire women to be happier and healthier through its platform. No woman is ever too busy. If they care, they will make time and the BWP helps busy women in Asia to live, feel and be better. The BWP is just one of the generous sponsors supporting the YOLO run.

Singapore Women: Ditch Your Shirts at YOLO, Asia’s Only Shirtless Race!

Show up and you’re already a winner

Whether you run shirtless or you’ll cover up, expect these important benefits just for being part of this event:

  1. Make your own personal statement about the unfairness of labels and judgements.
  2. Run with other people who support these egalitarian viewpoints.
  3. Spread the word about the YOLO mission by wearing your signature entitlements year-round.
  4. You don’t have to empty your wallet to take part in this meaningful year-end event.
  5. Contribute to the history of the YOLO known for changing Singapore minds and hearts every time it’s run.
  6. Because this event’s reputation has skyrocketed, being associated with YOLO elevates your status.
  7. End your running year on a meaningful note by making this run the star of your November calendar.
  8. Registration is effortless at Spacebib.

Do you believe that by sponsoring running events like the YOLO, Singapore makes an important statement on the world stage about the nation’s eagerness to become a more tolerant and caring society?

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