Don’t Trust Your Fitness Buddies Today!

by On Apr 1, 2016

Running isn't all serious, especially on April Fool's Day. Trust us, just don't trust anyone on this day.

They can be mean. They can be silly. But in the world of practical jokes, nobody’s left out of the loop when 1 April rolls around every year. If you’re already a jokester, you probably have a menu of pranks on the brain, but in case you’re an April Fool’s Day novice, we’re happy to lend you our list.

Choose the ones most appropriate for your running buddies. In the spirit of fun and shared humour, feel free to put a twist on any of these — but remember: this is no time to be mean and nasty. What’s funny to you may not be so for the object of your prank, so think before you act and everyone will have a good laugh.

Prank Your Running Buddies

  1. Sneak into your guy’s gym bag and replace his white athletic socks with a hot pink pair.
  2. Hide either the left or right running shoe of a friend with a good sense of humour and see how long it takes for her to find it.
  3. Jump out from behind a tree and use a plastic water gun to surprise a friend on his daily run. If it’s a really hot Singapore day, wait until the end of their run nears and they might invite you to keep shooting!
  4. Replace a supply of energy chews with gummy bears or another candy that can put a runner into sugar overdrive.
  5. Hide a friend’s new athletic tracker in plain sight and deny any knowledge of its whereabouts.
  6. Just for protein powder fans: Empty their container and replace it with baking flour.
  7. At the gym, remove the contents of a friend’s locker so when he opens it to change clothes, it’s empty. This assumes you know their locker combination; no breaking and entering, please!
  8. Open and reseal a bottle of energy drink — but not before you slip a rubber toy spider inside. Offer your friend a refreshing beverage and see how long it takes him to notice the spider.
  9. Bring a bunch of lollipop treats to your running group and hand them out. Surprise! Inside each colorful wrapper is a broccoli floret on a stick, a fun reminder that too much sugar can counter all of that hard exercise time.
  10. If you’ve a music device that matches your friends, swap yours for hers, but only after you’ve loaded it with a playlist of tunes by artists she abhors.
  11. Sew the legs of his or her shorts together before you fold them nicely and slip them into a gym bag.
  12. Tell your friend that your bottle of water smells funny and ask if it smells the same to him. When he places the bottle to his nose. Unleash the exploding water bottle prank.
  13. Make “Out of Order” signs for each of the stalls in the gym’s bathroom and wait for the groans!
  14. Ask a friend to pick up a bottle of Swet, the Reebok fragrance that just hit the market. When they tell you the woman at the store never heard of the brand, feign shock!
  15. Inform your running partner that the antiperspirant she wears is so gross, you’ve decided never to run with her again. Let it sink in before you yell “April Fool.”
  16. Cover all of the toilet seats in the gym bathroom with clear plastic wrap and wait for loud reactions.
  17. Fill your buddies gym bag with a glitter bomb card so they're hit with a shower of sparkles when they pull their workout clothing out. Put a note at the bottom of the bag offering to clean their clothes!
  18. Fill a plastic glass with gelatin in a colour that matches the sports drink your friend loves. When it’s nearly hard, stick a straw into it so it looks like the real thing. When she starts sucking and nothing comes up through the straw, give her a few moments before you reveal your trickery.
  19. Put some harmless blue vegetable dye into your favourite runner’s water bottle so when he fills it up, he winds up gulping down blue water. This works best when the water bottle isn’t clear, of course.
  20. You've seen it on YouTube. The infamous Shampoo Prank. Keep refilling the shampoo on your friend hair and watch him freak out as he keeps trying to wash it off. Try not to let him spot you.

Your clever April Fool’s Day prank belongs on this list, so before you start putting blue dye in water bottles and covering toilet seats with plastic wrap, how about sharing your favourite with us?

PS: Our team at RunSociety bears no responsibility for any shoes throwing or catfight due to the result of adopting the above mentioned pranks. Please prank responsibly and safely.

Nathaniel is a disciplined casual runner and a lover of bananas. As a columnist for RunSociety, he is always on the lookout for exciting and controversial topics that touch the heart of the running community in Singapore, often adding in his funny observations. He has embarked on a mission to start a world class running group in Asia.

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