Amber Chew: This is what we need in running

by On Dec 18, 2019

Running is a long journey. But you will get there if you do not give up on yourself.

Amber Chew: Determination And Persistent Is What We Need In Running

Chew Jia Qi, Amber is a 23 year-old role model majoring in Dieticians at UKM. As an ASICS running pacer, Amber wants to encourage and help others to start running and to improve as well.

Her passion for running sports is so great, that she hopes to influence others to run with her.

This is why she became a Master Of The Streets Ambassador as she wants to spread positivity to others, especially students.

Let's find out how she can inspire you to get your first step with her with the Master Of The Streets Online Race 2020.

RS: Master Of The Streets is an online race that challenges runners to conquer the place that they run in. So can you share with us your favourite place to run?

Amber: I love to run at the Lake Garden during the evening after my classes, because the scenery and the environment are encouraging. Over there, you can see lots of runners who run patiently during the evening.

RS: What drives you to include running in your daily life?

Amber: I have actually been motivated by the compassion and passion of the runners in the running community.

I remember when I joined my first race back in 2017, I finished the line with a poor result. But I got the encouragement from the runners who I don't know. That is motivating and satisfying as well. It is what I am looking for in sports and it gives encouragement to each other.

RS: What is your main purpose to run daily?

Amber: Definitely for fitness and stamina. Secondly, I am starting to train as a competitive runner right now so I would go over my timing. I will want to improve each and every time, especially in races.

If we want to compete in a good timing, we will need to train hard. The timing is actually one of the indicators to track our performance and our training progress.

RS: What do you enjoy the most throughout your running journey? 

Amber: The community itself. Regardless who they are, we are all runners once we get in the running community.

Amber Chew: Determination And Persistent Is What We Need In Running

It's not about the time I invested in, it's about how much passion I've added into this sport.

RS: How do you motivate yourself when you encounter a challenging run or race?

Amber: I would tell myself that I will get through it, because in the end, all of us will just look at our finish line despite our time. That's what we are looking at.

If I am down during my race, I will tell myself how much more so I can reach the finish line. That's what it keeps me motivated. We will definitely be satisfied as well, even we do not hit our personal best timing.

RS: What is the one thing you must bring for you run?

Amber: The thing I would want to bring is my spirit, because I don't like to train mindlessly. I want to train consciously and tell myself what I am here for. If I don't feel like training, I will give myself a break.

RS: Many students do not include exercise in their daily routine. What advice would you give them to include running in their daily routine? 

Amber: I am a dietetics student so definitely I will need to encourage my patient to exercise. But as for advice, you will need motivation along the way.

So, think about yourself, who you want to be in ten years time such as how do you want to feel about your body in the future.

Exercise is a long journey, it takes time, determination and persistence to go on and on. I know is challenging to maintain a routine, but if we want it badly, you will find a way.

RS: What does running means to you?

Amber: Currently, running is my passion. I run not just only for health and fitness, I also run competitively. It's not about the time I invested in, it's about how much passion I've added into this sport.

Amber believes that Master Of The Streets is a good initiative to encourage people to start running at their own pace, at anywhere and anytime. So are you ready to run with her?

Master Of The Streets is an online race presented by Spacebib. You can sign up for the race to undertake your journey of mastering your health and life with running.

Samantha is an editor at RunSociety. A digital expert with a focus on the research and development of thought provoking and resourceful content, Samantha love Yoga and incorporate running in her weekly workout whenever she can.

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