Deo: Success at running doesn’t happen overnight

by On Dec 19, 2019

It’s not so much that you began to run, but that you continued.

Successful Distance Runner Don't Happen Overnight

Azrulhisyam Bin Hussin aka Deo is a skilled distance runner. As an enthusiastic runner, he joined the ambassador family of the Master Of The Streets hoping to share his running experience with others.

43 year-old Deo love to travel around and attend cool race events. Occasionally, he likes to organise race events as he wants everyone to get involved and leads a happy and healthier lifestyle.

Working in an oil and gas company as a risk manager is stressful, but running have made him handle his work easier and reduce the tension and stress from work.

Let's find out a few tips about distance running from him, shall we?

RS: Master Of The Streets is an online race that challenges runners to conquer the place that they run in. So can you share with us your favourite place to run?

Deo: There are few places to run in Klang Valley such as Putrajaya as it is a safe and big place. It is also bright during the night and early in the morning, which is safe for female runners. The next place will be KLCC Park. It is a short circuit about 1 km loop, so it is nice for me to go for a run, after my work.

RS: What drives you to include running in your daily life?

Deo: Well, like many others, it is all about being healthy. But once I got hooked into it, I met lots of positive people and it's good to be around with the positive vibes in the running community. It is my responsibility to take care my health and I try to do it daily as well.

RS: What is your main purpose to run daily?

Deo: I am more of a social runner and I have a little advantage, that is I able to run a bit faster than others. But I like to meet and know people around in the running community. I like to organise running events too. It is also good to have the encouragement on my running journey as well.

RS: What do you enjoy the most throughout your running journey? 

Deo: I love travelling locally and outside the country, so with running I am able to travel and visit more places. I've lost count of it, but I would travel to the place that not many people would go, such as the mountain or countryside. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy the most.

Successful Distance Runner Don't Happen Overnight

In the running world, there are no quick wins to be successful.

RS: How do you motivate yourself when you encounter a challenging race?

Deo: When I face challenges in races. I would think back of what I have prepared for this race. Also, what is my purpose to finish the race. On the other hand, people might look up to me as their role model, this motivates me to keep going.

RS: How to be a successful distance runner?

Deo: There is no shortcut to become a good distance runner, I would say training is a must. There are no quick wins to be successful. Nowadays, new distance runners are rushing themselves to go for a longer distance, so do slow down the process and enjoy it. You also can take references from the seniors, they will definitely give you tips, tricks and even share their experiences along the way.

RS: As an experience distance runner, what is the best running tips that works for most runners?

Deo: Just know your limits and capabilities, because everyone is different. Don't try to be somebody else as you might get injured during your training or race.

RS: What does running means to you?

Deo: Running means life to me. This is because I spent time and money. It is a life of its own. It seems like running is an ecosystem to me.

Deo believes that there is no shortcut to success, especially in running. That's why he thinks that Master Of The Streets is a good encouragement for runners to keep running.

Master Of The Streets is an online race presented by Spacebib. You can sign up for the race to undertake your journey of mastering your health and life with running.

Samantha is an editor at RunSociety. A digital expert with a focus on the research and development of thought provoking and resourceful content, Samantha love Yoga and incorporate running in her weekly workout whenever she can.

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