Busy Senior Lecturer Dr. Ramli Bin Ismail Finds Running Solo to Be a Life-Affirming Experience

by On Sep 22, 2019

There’s nothing like a solo run to gather one’s thoughts, sort out problems and celebrate good health.

Is It Possible Running Could Lead A Healthy Lifestyle? Dr Ramli Shows You How

When Solo Run—a movement paying tribute to runners who run alone, yet they’re never isolated because a vibrant, worldwide community accompanies them in spirit—kicks off on 27th October, keep the name Dr. Ramli Bin Ismail in your head.

As a Solo Run Online Race Ambassador, Dr Ramli, a senior lecturer metaphorically runs beside competitors every step of the way and you'll find him to be inspiring, too.

RS: How does running fit into your busy life?

Ramli: I started running at the end of 2017. As an amateur runner I realised that I had to find the proper balance between running and work. Depending upon how I feel, I try to run before or after work each day.

Running is my medicine.

RS: As an advocate of healthy living, is staying hydrated important?

Ramli: Very much so. I drink coffee before I run but I rely upon 100Plus products to restore my body’s electrolytes after my run.

Busy Senior Lecturer Dr. Ramli Bin Ismail Finds Running Solo to Be a Life-Affirming Experience

RS: Has running alone changed your lifestyle?

Ramli: In the past, I frequented the gym, but I never felt motivated. I decided to run because I can do it on my own time schedule and found it to be an ideal way to motivate myself.

RS: How do you motivate yourself when you run solo?

Ramli: It is challenging, but fun, because when I run solo, I run against myself. On my own, I can push my limits and meet specific goals I can’t achieve when running with or against others.

RS: What goes on in your mind when you run alone?

Ramli: Nothing specific; but I do forget about work when I run alone!

RS: When races or workouts prove disappointing, how do you keep going?

Ramli: Most disappointments are the result of not training hard enough because I didn’t devote enough time to my preparation. Despite such ups and downs, I am reminded of how important preparation can be, so I do my best to make sure that I do a better job of it next time.

RS: Is there an underlying purpose to your running?

Ramli: There is. A few years ago, I faced health problems and I wasn’t sleeping. Once I began running, those health and sleeping issues disappeared. Running fills me with energy; in fact, I call it my medicine.

Busy Senior Lecturer Dr. Ramli Bin Ismail Finds Running Solo to Be a Life-Affirming Experience

RS: What advice do you have for beginning solo runners?

Ramli: The best advice I can give to new solo runners is to balance motivation with objective setting. I always have a goal in mind and never compare myself to other people. We’re all different and that’s one of the best reasons to run: learning about our differences and finding ways to make friends.

Dr Ramli discovered running solo had lead him to a healthy lifestyle and ever since then he fall in love with running. Although he face challenges in his path but it was worth it after all, so he would encourage people who run solo to join the community of solo runners around the world.

Have you had occasion to run solo? Did you feel lonely or did you realise that solo runs can be joyous, creative roads to inner peace and self-discovery?

Samantha is an editor at RunSociety. A digital expert with a focus on the research and development of thought provoking and resourceful content, Samantha love Yoga and incorporate running in her weekly workout whenever she can.

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