Hafiz Aizat: Running will teach you self love

by On Dec 18, 2019

No matter who you are, let's run together to conquer the road ahead of us.

Hafiz Aizat: Running Will Teach You Self Love

No matter how you look like, it does not define who you are. Our Master Of The Streets Ambassador Hafiz Aizat wants you to embrace your body just the way it is.

The 37 year-old research officer enjoys his runs every time. Running have grown inside him, and now running allows him to travel around the world and challenge himself to the next level.

Let’s find out how running has inspired him in his everyday life.

RS: Master Of The Streets is an online race that challenges runners to conquer the place that they run in. So can you share with us your favourite place to run?

Hafiz: My favourite place to run is around KL city spots such as Bukit Jalil. The road over there is good for running.

RS: What drives you to include running in your daily life?

Hafiz: I love to run as running helps me to relax and destress from my work.

RS: What traits do you think a runner should have?

Hafiz: Be persevering in mentally or physically. You will have to train your mental to be tough, so that you can conquer and finish any challenge.

RS: What do you enjoy the most throughout your running journey? 

Hafiz: I love going to new places or routes and meet new people along the way. I have been to Tokyo, Bali and other places for marathons as well. I find new places excite me to run more.

Hafiz Aizat: Running Will Teach You Self Love

The marathon is a long journey, you will face ups and downs, so what I can do is to conquer and challenge myself to the next level.

RS: How do you motivate yourself when you encounter a tough race?

Hafiz: I will try to dig deeper from my past experience in running. When the running gets tougher, I will overcome it. I will try to conquer my challenges such as cramps. I will make sure to finish what I started no matter what.

RS: What is the one thing running had changed you? 

Hafiz: Running makes me more extrovert. I was introvert as I am shy to meet new people, especially social networking. In the running community, they treat me equally like a normal person, regardless about my body size. I feel belong to the running community.

RS: How has running a marathon impacted your life?

Hafiz: I would say your life itself is like a marathon. It is a long journey, you will face ups and downs, so what I can do is to conquer and challenge myself to the next level.

RS: What does running means to you?

Hafiz: Running means to have a good health in life, and be happier as well. Running also can help me to meet new people and socialise with them. It is honour to inspire people to take up running. People see me as a plus size runner, so if I can finish from where I started, then they would be inspired to take up the challenge as well.

Hafiz believes that Master Of The Streets is a perfect way for anyone to start running, regardless of their fitness level without prejudices or caring about other people's opinions. Are you willing to take up the Master Of The Streets challenge and conquer the streets with Aizat?

Master Of The Streets is an online race presented by Spacebib. You can sign up for the race to undertake your journey of mastering your health and life with running.

Samantha is an editor at RunSociety. A digital expert with a focus on the research and development of thought provoking and resourceful content, Samantha love Yoga and incorporate running in her weekly workout whenever she can.

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