Why so we need positivity in our daily life? A positive attitude awakens happiness, motivation, self esteem, better health and improved relations. In these five categories, our Master Of The Streets Online Race Ambassador – Jason Fong got them all.

The 34 year-old, full time tutor, Jason Fong Chee Weng is an interval coach who spread positive vibes to his surroundings. The energetic runner hopes to bring joy in people’s life through running.

As a hard working coach, he constantly trains himself to try his best and challenge his personal target. Not only that, he cares and wants the best for his members to improve in their training.

So without further ado, let’s find out why running bring him joy in life.

RS: RS: Master Of The Streets is an online race that challenges runners to conquer the place that they run in. So can you share with us your favourite place to run?

Jason: Definitely, my favourite place to run would be Alam Damai, because I stay over there. Secondly, it is a good place for me to train as the hill is quite hilly.

I will also try to run in other places such as Puchong or Sri Hartamas. As my schedule is quite packed, I run at night or early in the morning during weekdays. On weekends, I will go for a long run for my upcoming races. If the race is on Sunday, I will take a rest on Saturday to preserve my energy for the race day.

RS: What drives you to include running in your daily life?

Jason: At first, I run for health. But afterwards, I found out running can be part of my life as I learned a lot from running. For example, I will never give up, if I run for certain events or marathons. Same goes to your life journey, you would try your best and achieve your dreams or goals.

RS: What is your main purpose to run daily?

Jason: The main purpose is to improve myself as a runner, because I have my own target to achieve in every race. If is possible, I would want to achieve within my capabilities and at the same time, I can help out others runner as well.

RS: What do you enjoy the most throughout your running journey? 

Jason: Friends! I got to know lots of friends that give me positive energy, which is what we needed in our daily life. It keeps us moving and motivating others too.

Running makes us learn how to overcome our issues in life.

RS: How do you motivate yourself when you encounter a challenging race?

Jason: I always tell myself to do my best in any targets that I wanted to achieve. Whether I can get on the podium, I think it would be a bonus in my running journey. But, as long as, I know that I have no regrets in my races and try to finish the races within the target I set.

RS: What is the best accomplishment being as an interval coach?

Jason: The best accomplishment is to see my members improve in their races. I also wanted to see them perform better and get into running more. I am happy that they can develop a healthy lifestyle through running.

RS: As an interval coach, what is the best piece of advice for runner to improve their running skills?

Jason: Run smart, not every day is a speed day. You have to know when to train, and when to rest. Do plan accordingly for your training, so that you can prevent from getting any injuries.

For instance, you can have alternate days for speed road training and rest days based on your body condition. It is important not to train during your sick days or in a bad condition to prevent any injury.

RS:What does running means to you?

Jason: Running motivates me to be a better person and helps to improve in my daily life. Running is just like what we are facing right now in our society as we encounter work or life challenges. It makes us learn how to overcome our issues in life, same goes to running as well. It also makes us to be successful in life.

Jason believes that running can shape the life we wants to have and Master Of The Streets allow everyone to adopt running in their lifestyle.

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Samantha Khoo

Samantha is an editor at RunSociety. A digital expert with a focus on the research and development of thought provoking and resourceful content, Samantha love Yoga and incorporate running in her weekly workout whenever she can.

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