Maulina: Finding the strength to keep running

by On Dec 20, 2019

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Losing Your Strength To Keep Going? Maulina Will Guide You There

Being a homemaker does not mean you can't have time for yourself, says Master Of The Streets ambassador, Maulina Binti Bueng. The 37 year-old runner wants to tell women around the world that they can achieve their dreams and goals without any limits.

Till this day, Maulina's running journey inspires others to join her and keep running. Let's dive in and find out how she did that.

RS: Master Of The Streets is an online race that challenges runners to conquer the place that they run in. So can you share with us your favourite place to run?

Maulina: After I send my kids to school, I love to jog at Alam Damai every morning for about 10km.

RS: What drives you to include running in your daily life?

Maulina: I started running for about 9 years. But once I got married, I stop running for 4 years, because I need to take care of my family. Therefore, my weight started to gain. So, I hit the back road and lost my weight from 84km to 60 kg. Joining running events also gives me the adrenaline rush all the time. It feels like I am ready to race.

RS: What is your main purpose to run daily?

Maulina: First, I would say I run for health. Second, I love meeting new friends during my running journey. Last but not least, I target for the podium finish, so I train hard for my target.

RS: What do you enjoy the most throughout your running journey? 

Maulina: I love the environment in the park with my friends, and we get to build our connection, but once I transition to races or event my social networking becomes broadened. So, it is great to meet runners regardless of their background.

Losing Your Strength To Keep Going? Maulina Will Guide You There

Running gives me the adrenaline rush to get ready for the race.

RS: How do you motivate yourself when you encounter a challenging race?

Maulina: Of course, I will have to train before I enter a running event. I will try not to stress out during the event. As I am an ultra runner, I have to be calm and chill in my running pace.

RS: Since you had been trail running for quite some times. What do you like or dislike about trail running?

Maulina: I like downhill, but I dislike running to the top of the mountain or peak. This is because I am slow in trail as I am an ultra road runner. So, I am lacking in my technical training for trail running. But trust me, I am still working on it.

RS: How would you encourage women to try trail running?

Maulina: If you are a homemaker, you will need to find time and plan for training wisely. Just like me, I send my kids to school, after that I will go for a run. Then, I will start my homemaker mode for the rest of the day. If I have a night run, I make sure my family is taken care of before I am out for my night run to train.

RS: What does running means to you?

Maulina: Running allows me to build and broaden my social networking.

Maulina believes that if you need to put in the effort to achieve the success you wanted. So she encourages everyone to start running for better health, first by joining Master Of The Street Online Race.

Master Of The Streets is an online race presented by Spacebib. You can sign up for the race to undertake your journey of mastering your health and life with running.

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