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ManulifeMOVE Gives You Cash to Move More

by On Feb 3, 2018

Ever wished, “If only my footsteps can be converted to dollars”? It’s not a wishful thinking anymore.

ManulifeMOVE Gives You Cash to Move More

Manulife Singapore announced the launch of ManulifeMOVE, a customer loyalty programme that rewards customers with premium cashback for being active and staying healthy. Previously being rolled out in other countries, ManulifeMOVE enters Singapore with a tweak in the reward system to reflect Singaporeans’ lifestyle, fitness goals and rewards preferences.

ManulifeMOVE was first launched in Hong Kong and Macau in 2015, followed by the Philippines in 2016 and now Singapore. Manulife Singapore’s Vice President, Head of Branding, Communications and Sponsorships, Cheryl Lim, said, “We’ve seen great success across these markets, which is why we were confident about bringing the initiative to Singapore. Localisation was an important factor for us in bringing ManulifeMOVE to Singapore since all markets have different local conditions.”

ManulifeMOVE Gives You Cash to Move More

ManulifeMOVE launches in Singapore

How Singaporeans differ from citizens in other countries

Prior to the launch, Manulife conducted a survey to study Singaporeans’ habits and preferences. These are the findings gathered:

  • Singaporeans are increasingly digital-savvy and health-conscious
  • Only 22% Singaporeans are willing to spend more on healthy food, while the majority of Singaporeans prefer to eat food that is cheap, tasty and filling.
  • 4 in 5 Singaporeans stay healthy by engaging in physical activities, such as walking, taking the stairs, running and other types of exercise.
  • 1 in 2 tracks their sports activity.
  • Singaporeans spend an average of S$406/month (more than Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines residents) on healthy living, including gym membership, sports nutrition, supplements, fitness gear and fresh groceries.
  • 32% Singaporeans prefer cashback as a reward.

It was concluded that staying healthy is important to Singaporeans, however many are unwilling to spend more on healthy food. With these findings, Manulife set out to reduce the cost of healthy living in Singapore with the ManulifeMOVE programme that seeks to reward and motivate customers to move more, in the simplest way, with premium cashback.

It is worth noting that ManulifeMOVE only gives cash as a reward in Singapore. Meanwhile, in other countries, the rewards are offered in the form of discounts on the premium. It is a reflection of how Manulife make insurance works the way their customers want it to.

How ManulifeMOVE is different from other incentive programs

ManulifeMOVE boasts the program’s simplicity, inclusivity and meaningfulness. Simple because there aren’t any complicated requirements. Participants simply need to clock 10,000 daily average steps and they’ll be rewarded with $50 cash every 6 months for the rest of the policy life.

The program is inclusive. All policyholders are eligible as long as the annual premium is at least $3,000. It is meaningful because 10,000 daily steps have a profound impact on one’s health and fitness.

And, for a limited time, ManulifeMOVE offers a program that allows its users to earn an Apple Watch Series 3 just by being active. Under the Earn-Your-Watch program, users purchase Apple Watch first, then earn $10 credit for every week that they achieve the weekly goal. Over a year, users can earn up to $520, enough to cover the cost of an Apple Watch.

Customers will need to download ManulifeMOVE app and sync their mobile devices/fitness wearables with the app to track their steps. Full T&Cs can be found in ManulifeMOVE website.

ManulifeMOVE Gives You Cash to Move More

Photo Credit: Manulife Singapore

Your step is a currency on the MOVE Day

You read that right, your step can be used to pay for food, drinks and other things! This will happen on the MOVE Day, the first funfair in Singapore where movement is the social currency. There will be a “pay-to-move” element where participants can literally move to get rewards. MOVE Day will be held from 3 to 4 March 2018, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Tampines Hub.

Moving Forward

Manulife’s immediate focus is to create awareness of the programme and encourage Singaporeans to take the first step by setting a goal and making the move towards leading a healthier lifestyle. There will be a series of public activities and roadshows across March and April, suitable for young and old, to highlight how easy it is to integrate moderate activity into Singaporeans’ everyday lives and hit 10,000 steps a day

ManulifeMOVE’s priority is on building long-term customer relationships and providing solutions beyond just insurance protection. Over the next five years, it aims to establish itself as a trusted partner and continuously engage with its customers in meaningful ways.

Lim added,

Through this movement, we wish to see Singaporeans move more! This is why we have made the proposition of ManulifeMOVE in Singapore simple, intuitive and attractive. Most Singaporeans are already aware of the importance of walking 10,000 steps daily. Combining this familiar number with premium cashback is a win-win: if you’re already active, or are considering taking a more active role in your health, you can be rewarded for it. We want ManulifeMOVE to be a way to further incentivise and encourage Singaporeans to move more as they go about their usual daily steps.

Will you be more motivated to be active if you’re rewarded with cash? What types of reward work best for you?

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