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Use “WOOP” Training to Conquer Singapore International Triathlon 2018

by On Jan 17, 2018

Is it possible to condition your mind over time so your Singapore Triathlon 2018 experience exceeds your most ambitious dreams? It is. And you can!

Use “WOOP” Training to Conquer Singapore’s International Triathlon 2018

Is it too early to remind you that the Singapore International Triathlon is going to be staged on 23 September 2018? Perhaps. But by the time you finish reading this, you’ll realise why it’s so important to reach out to you now rather than waiting.

Bottom line: If you don’t register and start preparing now, you won’t be sufficiently prepared to ride your personal WOOP wave, and you might have to settle for having your dreams dashed.

The only mindset you need to be victorious

Projecting your desire for success at Singapore’s premier triathlon is going to require you enough time to build your physical and mental resources so you’re able to sustain the daunting menu of activities that face you in September. But if you begin guided visualisation training now, your chances of making your mark at the SIT increase.

Imagine crossing that finish line between now and September using Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions training--better known in the field of motivational psychology as WOOP (Wish. Outcome. Obstacle. Plan.) Beginning today, spend a few minutes focused on your intention to achieve the best result at SIT.

Next, “vividly imagine” the best outcome of all (e.g., pride in yourself; setting an example). Then, ask yourself what obstacle(s) stands in your way. Is it fear? Lack of training? Both can be overcome by starting early and you have until September to adopt your winning mindset.

Complete the WOOP training steps by formulating what therapists call an “if-then” plan. Imagine every obstacle the Singapore International Triathlon could throw your way and decide how you will overcome it. Not if. How. This is no phony action plan. Even kids have used WOOP to accomplish goals by starting early and conditioning their minds daily using those four training steps. Why not you?

Use “WOOP” Training to Conquer Singapore’s International Triathlon 2018

Photo Credit: Singapore International Triathlon

Why the SIT is a big deal

Monaco has Formula One Racing. France is home to the Tour. Wimbledon’s tennis crown has been decided in England since 1877. Singapore takes its place on the world stage with the SIT, established in 1984 at a time endurance events were relatively unknown throughout Asia. But from the moment this premier triathlon was staged at the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus, everyone in attendance realised that Singapore had joined the big leagues.

It’s been 30+ years since that first event was staged and over time, race distances were upped, Singapore’s fame as a sports hub grew, attendance ballooned and the title of No. 2 Ultimate Sports City was bestowed upon the city-state, in large part because the SIT became so famous.

For 2018, Race the Lion City will explode onto the international scene, attracting thousands of top athletes in search of the ultimate endurance test. Will you be ready? Launch your WOOF strategy today and you’ll not only be ready—you could be unbeatable.

Winning is in the details

No ordinary triathlon, SIT gives everyone eager to be part of history opportunities to select the right category from a long menu of choices: 0.2km; 0.75km; 1km; 1.5km; 2km; 2.25km; 5km; 6km; 10km; 12km; 15km; 18km; 36km; and 48km. Most of these categories give competitors a dynamic mix of swim/bike/run events that test endurance, spirit, and stamina.

The action takes place at East Coast Park; Angsana Green starting at 7:30 a.m. on 23rd September, with race pack collection opportunities that span two days to accommodate crowds: Report to Velocity@Novena Square on either 14th or 15th September between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. to retrieve your t-shirt and materials.

You don’t have to own a bicycle to compete. After registering on the Spacebib website, simply scroll down to the Bike Rental section to make a reservation. Your bike rental fee includes insurance coverage for the cycling segment of the race. Save a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of early bird rates now-whether you’re competing alone or with a team of your most competitive mates.

Use “WOOP” Training to Conquer Singapore’s International Triathlon 2018

Photo Credit: Singapore International Triathlon

Challenge yourself to the ultimate experience

Use your newfound WOOP empowerment skills to help you decide which race format you’re most comfortable undertaking or tackle the hottest event of the day: The Super Sprint event. This is where your confidence is going to shine as you pull out all stops on a short, high-intensity course that requires you to take part in three consecutive triathlon rounds set up to push you to your limit. You’ll swim 200m; bike 6km and run 1km, then repeat the cycle twice more for a total of three rounds. The first athlete to survive this daunting challenge wins!

We don’t have to tell you that being a winner means more than achieving the impossible because by empowering yourself between now and September, you’ll rejoice simply by finishing any of the categories that make up Singapore’s most high-profile athletic convocation. You’ll wear your t-shirt with pride after the fact, but don’t be surprised if mastering WOOP principles don’t turn out to be the “prize” you treasure most.

Use “WOOP” Training to Conquer Singapore’s International Triathlon 2018

Photo Credit: Singapore International Triathlon

Do you have a secret formula for conditioning your mind that gets you through daunting events that require more than just a fit body? Care to let us in on your secret?

Liam is a competitive triathlete who have competed in more than 50 races around the world. He is an expert in performance coaching and holds a master's degree in applied sport and exercise psychology. He began training for his first marathon after graduating from college. As an accredited triathlon coach, he wished to share his journey of pushing over the limits. Furthermore, he is a statistician specialised in the Sports statistics and analytics.

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