Should You Run/Exercise When You Are Having Period?

by On Aug 22, 2018

It’s the time of the month; the painters are in!

Should You Run/Exercise When You Are Having Period?

It's always a question wondered by many but do you think we should or should we not run/exercise when we are on our period? It has always been a debate amongst women as to whether it’s good to workout while the painters are doing its job. It has no right or wrong answers because, at the end of the day, it depends on the condition of your painters.

If your painters don’t feel good and it cramps you up like crazy, then it’s almost impossible to force yourself to workout, isn’t it? But there are days where your painters are feeling good and you can do some workout to perk you up.

Calm period-related annoyingness

Running/exercising while you are on your period may be the last thing that you would want to do because you might think like, I can barely move, what more exercising but don’t be shocked because it can actually help you to relieve those period-related annoyingness. A study says that the more active you are and more regular with your activity, your period will end up being better with less cramping and less heavy flow. Isn’t that awesome?

Even a study from Medical Daily states that exercising can help calm down period-related annoyingness like cramps. It doesn’t have to be running, it can be as simple as just doing brisk walking. Those who are more prone in getting painful menstrual cramps, exercising three to four times a week is highly important and good for your overall health.

Should You Run/Exercise When You Are Having Period?

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Regulate irregular periods naturally

Missing your period doesn’t always mean that there is something wrong but you wouldn’t want to chance it right? To be able to regulate your ever so irregular period naturally without having to go see the doctor or consume pills, all you ever have and need to do is be active. Being physically active can help your menstrual cycle to get back on track.

Before you expect your period to come, be sure to be particularly active during that period and pair it with a healthy diet. You can also try to consume fruits or herbs that act as an emmenagogues to help kick-start your late and irregular period. You can try eating fruits like pineapples, papaya, and parsley.

Performance concerns

If you are afraid that your menstruation will affect how you perform for your run, do not be afraid because studies show that there is no consistent effect of menstruation on the women running performance. Your period may not affect your performance but the symptoms of the period can make a difference to your performance.

Cramps, bloating and fatigue can decrease your speed and endurance. Not only that but the irritability that accompanies your monthly period also plays a part in your performance because it makes it difficult to get into the mood of working out.

Should You Run/Exercise When You Are Having Period?

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Pros and cons of running while you are on period


  • Helps to relieve bloating.
  • Keeps you cool.
  • Makes you feel good.


  • Chances of injury increases during your period.
  • You may develop exercise-related amenorrhea.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Should you or should you not?

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