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Philippines Women Marathoners: Running is a fulfilment

Philippines Women Marathoners: Running Is Empowering Women

Having a hard time getting back on track? Don’t worry, we are introducing our three skilled women marathoners from the Philippines who are constantly motivating others to be the better…

Indonesian Women Marathoners: Running Better During Tough Times

Indonesian Women Marathoners: Continue Running During Tough Times

Are you drained from all this negativity during this unprecedented time? Or are you struggling to build up your motivation to run again after months of inactivity? We have located…

Thailand Women Marathoners: Strong is the new beauty

Thailand Women Marathoners: Staying Active During The Crisis

“I am stronger than I think I am. Mentally, physically.” – Misty May- Treanor Are you ready to restart your running after months of inactivity? We are pleased to talk…

Floral Women Online Race: Strong is the new beauty

How does a woman complete a marathon safely during the pandemic?

As more countries around the world get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, people are slowly intensifying their exercise training. Although marathon races may not resume immediately, running a marathon on…

Malaysian Women Marathoners: Giving up is not an option

Malaysian Women Marathoners: Why Run A Marathon?

“She believe she could, so she did.” – R.S. Grey Although we do not know when can we be out on the road running freely, it’s never too early to…

Singapore Women Marathoners: Make the impossible possible

Singapore Women Marathoners: Empowering Women Through Running

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Lalah Deliah What happens when you cannot join a marathon race now? No worries, you can still be inspired by…

Here's How To Take Care Your Menstrual Health

How To Take Care Of Your Menstrual Health

When it comes to your monthly period, there are many things you can’t predict and don’t have power over. However, there are other things that you can control. You can…

Here's How To Run During Pregnancy

How To Run During Pregnancy

Running when pregnant can be a great workout, but we believe many pregnant runners have this question, “Will Running Affect My Pregnancy?” Recently, we learned that Karen Siah, a 33 year-old passionate personal…

Tips for Female Runners: How to Look After Your Hormones While Training Hard

Tips for Female Runners: How to Look After Your Hormones While Training Hard

What is the difference between you and the man running next to you? No, I am not talking about the level of fitness or women being the “weaker sex”. I…

Should You Run/Exercise When You Are Having Period?

Should You Run/Exercise When You Are Having Period?

It’s always a question wondered by many but do you think we should or should we not run/exercise when we are on our period? It has always been a debate…

Meet Singapore Polytechnic Girls Floorball Team: From Last Placing To Fourth!

From Last Placing To Fourth: Meet The Girls’s Floorball Team That Never Gives Up!

Floorball was introduced to Singapore in the 90s by Mr Stefan Dahlgren. It is a sport that requires many elements and techniques of running. Floorball and Hockey have a lot…

I Wore Adidas UltraBoost X Shoes to Honour My Grandma

adidas UltraBOOST X Shoes: Responsive and Light Just For Her

Lots of women recall, with fondness, taking shopping trips with favourite aunts, moms and grannies, so for me, picking out running shoes for an upcoming marathon was a no brainer….