The Most Unbelievable Things About Running

by On Jul 8, 2020

What is the funniest thing you ever heard about running?

The Most Unbelievable Things About Running

Before or after your run, do you come across any funny or absurd comment about running? How would you normally respond to them?

As a runner, what do you generally think about that unbelievable comment?

The RunSociety family has gathered a few funny and absurd comments about running that our readers would be interested in reading.

1. Desmond SG Tan

Someone: Don’t wear white while running after nightfall.
Me: Why???
Someone: People might think that they are seeing things.
Me: As in?
Someone: Casper the friendly ghost. If you are wearing a white top, it looks like you are floating while you are running.
Me: LOL!

You can follow Desmond on Instagram: @mintson18

2. Say Yong See

My wife and daughter ask me why I spend money registering for a race when I could run at my own pace without getting muscle strain or injuries.

3. Martin Tang

Running will damage your knees

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4. Nicky Nah Kah Wei

Marathons mess up your mind

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5. Lance Sum

Five minutes before entering race pen for an evening race, a friend rushes over, almost late and frantically warming up.
‘Where did you go?’
‘Sorry, sorry, laska store queue damn long.’

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6. David Chong

You should be sleeping. Why are you still doing Night Runs/Marathon (eg. Sundown)? At this age, you should be relaxing and going on holidays, why run?

7. Susan Leong

I captioned my Facebook photo (of me grimacing at 37 km): "Asking myself why."
Someone commented: "Did you find the answer at the end?"
I found the comment funny. Strangely, no one else did. *Sigh*

8. Xander Loi

"Running is bad for the knees, swimming is better."

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9. Hafsah Binte Abdullah

"You run ultra distances?" People judge you by your physical appearance and assume that ultra runners are slim and thin. Fat people can't go far?

10. Van Thành

 I often reply to someone who asked me “Why are you running?”
“Easy come, easy go. That’s why I just run.”
“Run in to run out of stress”

Runners, share with us some of your favourite jokes about running.

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