Why Make-up Running is Even Better than Make-up Sex!

by On Nov 4, 2016

Every runner argues. Just make sure you end every argument with a lot of make-up runs.

Why Make-up Running is Even Better than Make-up Sex!

Is it fair to compare running to sex? Yup. Both burn calories. Both trigger ecstasy. And both require very little clothing (if at all) to maximize the experience. But, that’s where similarities end. You can’t have sex in public.

And it’s best not to make love wearing running shoes, unless you’ve a fetish best saved for another article! The pros and cons of make-up sex are legendary, which is why we’re taking literary liberties when comparing make-up sex to make-up running. By the time you finish reading this, we hope you’re enlightened - which may be exactly how you feel after great sex, too!

What’s Make-up Sex?

According to "Redbook" magazine, this explosive type of sexual encounter requires a fight or argument to start the - excuse the expression - ball rolling. You’re mad. He’s madder. And the reason for this shared anger can be as silly as this: He promised to walk the dog but you’re perpetually stuck with the job.

Despite that sort of anger, it’s more common than you imagine for couples to resolve things fast by having make-up sex. Nobody has to admit to being right or wrong and sex serves as your referee.

According to New York couples therapist Diane Andoscia Urso, nothing abolishes shared anger more pleasurably than explosive make-up sex!

Why Make-up Running is Even Better than Make-up Sex!

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What’s Make-up Running?

You won’t find the phrase in self-help books, trendy magazines or scholarly tomes because the concept is new and you’re reading about it here first.

Make-up running is a phenomenon that takes into account the fact that not all runners remain in close harmony with their friends, lovers and colleagues, and that type of estrangement can lead to bad feelings that seem to have no solution.

In fact, they do: this is your excuse to get those relationships back on track by inviting the person with whom you’ve disconnected to run with you in order to mend fences, air grievances and put that formerly-solid connection back on solid footing.

Why Make-up Running is Even Better than Make-up Sex!

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4 Benefits of Make-up Running

  1. Mind if we start with peace of mind? If you’ve ever had a break-up with someone close to you, you know how it can hurt emotionally. Sorting your differences, before too much time passes, can literally lift the weight of the world from your shoulders and you’ll be so relieved, everything about your life will feel brighter because that nagging feeling is gone.
  2. The stress of not communicating can also harm the body, causing tension in the stomach, gastrointestinal distress and muscles, making it hard to function at work, at home and in social settings. Take a make-up run with the person from whom you’re separated and feelings of anger, resentment, anger and bitterness can be left in your wake as you two pound the trail in unison.
  3. When you’re at odds with someone, you show that discontent to others, even if you don’t realize it. End this stalemate by taking a make-up run, and once it’s done, both of you are likely to become more productive at work, more emotionally available to family and more confident about the future.
  4. Yes, sex is better after a make-up run because even if you don’t run with the person with whom you’re angry, you’ll return home in better spirits and be more loving, affectionate and attentive, not to mention feeling more kindly toward the person after enjoying some time between the sheets.
Why Make-up Running is Even Better than Make-up Sex!

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6 Rules for a Successful Make-up Run

  1. Promise each other that you will practice active listening during your make-up run. This means no interrupting, name-calling or passive-aggressive behaviour that leads to more conflict.
  2. Be completely honest. Say what you need to say. Ask for what you want. Even if you return with the realisation that this relationship may not have a future, at least you ended things on less-stressful note.
  3. Share your emotions by using what are called “I Statements.” Begin every sentence with “I feel” when expressing grievances so you take ownership of your feelings.
  4. Admit your faults. Finger-pointing? Not allowed — though it is okay to point out your own shortcomings as a way to neutralize things effectively. In other words, take some of the blame for the conflict.
  5. Act positively. Laugh. Stop and cry, if the moment calls for tears! Whatever brought you and your adversary together in the past is probably still there. A make-up run helps recall the strength of your bond.
  6. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Do you really want to find yourself back in the same situation once again after mending fences by taking your make-up run while saying things you don’t mean? What’s the point?
Why Make-up Running is Even Better than Make-up Sex!

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Start Making Up Today

If you like the idea of the relationship between sex and running, it’s time to put it into practice. Even institutions of higher learning are addressing the topic of how sex and exercise complement each other, and these findings reinforce our thesis.

According to University of Arkansas researchers, women are “more sexually responsive following 20 minutes of vigorous exercise.” What can we say? You’re going to have to take a shower anyway. Why not take a make-up run followed by having make-up sex for the ultimate resolution of any conflict?

Have you ever used running as a bridge to reconcile with a friend or loved one? If you have, we would love to know the circumstances, the outcome and how you felt, both before and after.

Liam is a competitive triathlete who have competed in more than 50 races around the world. He is an expert in performance coaching and holds a master's degree in applied sport and exercise psychology. He began training for his first marathon after graduating from college. As an accredited triathlon coach, he wished to share his journey of pushing over the limits. Furthermore, he is a statistician specialised in the Sports statistics and analytics.

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