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Why Salomon X-Trail Run Will Make You A Stronger Female Runner

by On Oct 16, 2017

Sure, there will be guys competing at the 2017 Salomon X-Trail Run, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to them in the presence of so many inspiring and outstanding women.

Why Salomon X-Trail Run Will Make You A Stronger Female Runner

Have you been playing it safe by confining your runs to the streets of Singapore or other Asian marathon city sites because you feel comfortable in this environment? Face the fact: you’re in your zone, but that’s not going to push you forward so you develop a broader perspective on competitive racing as a woman and as an athlete.

Are you ready to take a risk, break through that comfort zone and into the wilderness and try a trail run to see how you measure up—not to others, but to yourself? The Salomon X-Trail Run is a perfect pick because you’re close to home and the territory is familiar.

If you’ve never tried one before, a trail run is guaranteed to test your mettle. Run the Salomon and you’ll take home more than a medal. You’ll have grown as a woman and as a runner.

About the Salomon X-Trail Run 2017

Talk about a chance to run “off the beaten path”! Bukit Panjang on 4 November 2017 (4 p.m. SGT) is going to be awash with excitement as you run the 10km in the company of soul sisters.

Sure, guys will be competing—but you can ignore them because you’ll have your own agenda as you travel rugged terrain that presents you with gravel, dirt and mud challenges. In other words, you can leave your mascara home in the drawer!

Register as a young woman (16 and older) or veteran (we promise not to divulge your age) so you compete with your age group. Women of all ages will be represented and you’ll probably run into some of them at the race pack distribution site when you pick up your bib, ruby and gold Salomon t-shirt, drawstring bag and other goodies on 28 October between noon and 8:00 p.m. at Velocity, Novena Square, Level 2.

Why Salomon X-Trail Run Will Make You A Stronger Female Runner

There's a lot riding on your participation

Finish your race and collect a medal, but if your ego craves a top prize and you outpace competitors, you could wind up with Salomon product vouchers worth hundreds of dollars, prizes, depending upon where you place at the finish line in your division. Don’t be square; prepare!

Two free clinics sponsored by Salomon Singapore Athletes are scheduled for 30 September and 28 October. Sign up for them when you register at Spacebib.

If you like to joke around with your gal pals that your race finishes have helped you build a respectable wardrobe of logo-embellished t-shirts and finisher medals, we urge you to look beyond that stuff.

The Salomon X-trail has the potential to help you build your running resume, test your stamina and you won’t find a better ego boost. Put your recent break-up, the job you didn’t get or the Salomon running shoes that were sold out by the time you reached the mall in the mirror and use these disappointments as your motivation to run hard.

Need more reasons to tackle this trail run?

  • When you race like an unleashed cougar through woods, you forget crises going on across the planet.
  • Escape your electronic devices. You need a respite, right? You won’t fret about texts once you hit your stride.
  • Get down with Mother Nature while discovering that trails are kinder to joints and muscles than cement.
  • Breathe in forest—not fumes—so your endorphin release is more substantive and your lungs catch a break.
  • No fashion police await you on the trail to judge your outfit. Wear comfy old clothes that go with mud!
  • This is your excuse to buy a headlamp to traverse the woods rather than worrying about cars and trucks.
  • Practice scanning the ground ahead as you run through wooded areas. Let the guys trip on tree roots!
  • Return to nature, there is a reason why Mother Nature is a woman.

Why Salomon X-Trail Run Will Make You A Stronger Female Runner

What you can learn from the Salomon X-Trail that you didn’t know before

  1. City marathons are fine but trail runs are inspiring as even the air you breathe can hasten your pace.
  2. Lose yourself in beautiful surroundings; even a strenuous race is relaxing in the right environment.
  3. Forget about your negative body image issues. Proper training will get you all the admiration you seek.
  4. Forge a bond with other women as all of you tackle trail running in unique ways.
  5. Learn from other women—about technique, fortitude, sportswomanship, guts and glory.
  6. Seek advice from women competing in the veteran’s category. They know a thing or two about running with grace.
  7. You can kick some guy butt. Besides, having other women around to witness your triumph is sweet!

As a woman, what frightens you most about running in a forest? Scary noises? Uneven ground that could lead to injury? Or are you afraid nature may capture your attention so thoroughly, concentrating on your form could be impossible?

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