ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes: As Close to Flying as it Gets!

by On Sep 18, 2016

Delivering both lightweight and cushioning, the DynaFlyte unlocks runners' speed so they can run fast at any distance.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes: As Close to Flying as it Gets!

Like most guys, my first dreams of conquering space and acting like a superhero prompted experimentation. I cite the test jump from a fence wearing a cape made of a towel that my Mum still recalls as being one of the most frightening days of her life. Fortunately, no bones were broken!

As I grew up and realised that my skills and talents were more suited to the business world than outer space, I had to limit my flight experiences to overseas trips on behalf of my clients, though having discovered running, there were times I truly felt as though I was defying gravity - especially after I became enamoured of shoes produced by ASICS.

As a long-time fan of anything they make, I picked up a sleek grey and black pair of ASICS DynaFlyte running shoes as soon as they hit the summer 2016 market. Am I flying? Frankly, it feels that way. Try on a pair and see if you don't agree!

A Shoe Worth Waiting For

I don't have to introduce you to the ASICS brand, right? It's an internationally-respected company that puts runners first and profits second, so with each new athletic shoe introduction, ASICS began to show the world how a great shoe should help rather than hinder a runner's performance.

This fact was not lost on me or the guys in my running club. We all respect the brand, so when I heard about a revolutionary new ASICS shoe - the DynaFlyte - being developed at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science, my ears pricked up. Sadly, the news reached me before the shoes were in stock, so I had to delay my feelings of gratification! Excuse the pun, but upon arrival, those shoes started flying off store shelves. Don't believe? Watch the video below!

It took about three years of trial and error to perfect the cushioning that's at the heart and soul of DynaFlyte shoe construction, and rumour has it 300 prototypes were constructed and tested before everyone in the ASICS R&D department agreed that the material for this lightweight shoe was ready for the market.

I'm delighted they spent this much time perfecting it. This is, without a doubt, the most responsive cushioning system on the planet and I'm not the only guy ready to attest to this fact. Experience flight? Wearing this shoe - with its full-length FlyteFoam midsole - makes me feel that the stratosphere is within reach!

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes: As Close to Flying as it Gets!

Features and Benefits

Because FlyteFoam is the lightest cushioning material ever (an impressive 55-percent lighter than industry standard EVA material), I was able to tell the difference in my performance within minutes of wearing my DynaFlytes for the first time. The word I use to describe the shoe's response to my feet is elasticity: reinforced fibres used to fabricate these shoes behave like elastic, so my kicks return to their original shape following every run.

My landings are soft and comfortable and I'm not alone when I make that statement. About 80-percent of all runners testing these shoes call the feel, fit and responsiveness out of this world and who am I to disagree?

Called by running shoe experts 'a significant innovation', the ASICS FlyteFoam midsole material used to manufacture this shoe has set a new standard in the realm of lightweight athletic footwear. Accordingly, ASICS has modestly "broken the 300g barrier for cushioned shoes," which is why a men's size 9 weighs in at only 9.5 ounces.

If you need a point of comparison, research the weight of blown rubber EVA and you'll realise that the aforementioned 55-percent weight reduction is no flight of fancy. Where does the factor that impressed me most — the shoe's ability to maintain its shape — originate? With the unique weave of organic fibres.

In summary, the shoe offers unexpected flexibility that impresses professional runners while offering ultimate stability.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes: As Close to Flying as it Gets!


  • The quality of the upper and its ability to return to its original shape make this a one-of-a-kind shoe.
  • The FlyteFoam sole cushions my landings and carbon rubber on the outsole saves them from abrasion.
  • There's an anti-microbial, anti-moisture sock liner that's much appreciated by those of us with stinky feet!
  • It's hard not to keep reiterating the benefits of having so pleasurable a landing courtesy of the durable platform.


  • The price point - S$229 - could put the DynaFlyte out of purchase range for runners on a budget.
  • While I chose the grey/black style, the majority of the shoes in this collection are awfully bright for my taste.
  • Sceptics refuse to believe that this shoe offers both cushioning and stability (I'm not one of them).
  • Availability of this hot shoe could become problematic if retailers don't order enough stock from ASICS.

ASICS DynaFlyte Running Shoes: As Close to Flying as it Gets!


If you're like me and you believe that you get what you pay for, and if ASICS is a brand you've known and trusted over time, it's hard to find anything negative to report after wearing these shoes and finding them to be exactly as ASICS promised!

The responsive fabric magically returning to its original shape is something I have not personally experienced before. As a matter of fact, one of my biggest past complaints was loss of shape over time, formerly the benchmark of a shoe that's well-loved and worn.

The bottom line is that if you could do with some flight time when you tackle your conditioning runs and trail adventures, chances are, you'll feel like a kid again if you decide to invest in a pair of ASICS DynaFlyte running shoes.

If you insist upon wearing a superhero cape when you run (and you don't mind being stared at by passersby) won't you join me and find out how it feels to fly?

The ASICS DynaFlyte is available for men and women at ASICS stores and select running outlets worldwide and in Singapore starting July, 1st 2016 at a retail price of S$229 per pair.

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