ASICS GEL-Kenun Shinkai Megalodon Running Shoes: Don’t be Scared; They Won’t Bite You!

by On Nov 11, 2017

When ASICS came up with a shark-inspired running shoe for men, I figured it would appeal to guys with a sense of adventure. Then, I found out this cool shoe is designed for women, too!

ASICS GEL-Kenun Shinkai Megalodon Running Shoes: Don’t be Scared; They Won’t Bite You!

I was not yet born when the American director Steven Spielberg produced his landmark film “Jaws”—a movie about the arrival of a monstrous great white shark that turns a resort town into a bloody massacre until a fearless local sheriff, marine biologist and aged seafarer faced down the creature.

So, when I was asked to review the ASICS Megalodon running shoe from a woman’s perspective, I couldn’t help but relate to Jung’s Theory of Synchronicity in which two seemingly unrelated coincidences appear to converge. Could I cozy up to a pair of running shoes inspired by sharks? I love a good challenge.

Shoes designed to emulate sharks?

While 60-foot-long, prehistoric Megalodon sharks aren’t hanging around these days (nobody really knows why they're extinct), I wondered what creatures who snacked on giant whales have to do with the running shoes I’m about to field test. But I quickly learned that the shoes and shark have lots in common after I researched the topic and found out why ASICS chose this behemoth's name for it's introduction. Here are my conclusions:

  • Megalodon sharks were efficient and so is this shoe. Vertical flex grooves (Guidance Line) help my gait in much the same way these marine specimens sped through the water at dizzying speed despite their size.
  • This ASICS shoe’s midsole is crafted of Solyte material that delivers on cushioning and durability exceeding EVA and SpEVA materials used in other shoes produced by the brand—kinda like the comfort Megalodons felt in their environment throughout the world’s oceans.
  • Megalodons, in my view, would likely eschew the virtues of the ComforDry sockliner, but if I wanted to escape from danger, my rebound ability—courtesy of this shoe’s hallmark Rearfoot Gel cushioning system—would help me get away while minimising the shock to my skeletal system.
  • Further, the premium sockliner excels at moisture management—a biological process that Megalodons didn't have to worry about because their systems did the job nicely!

ASICS GEL-Kenun Shinkai Megalodon Running Shoes: Don’t be Scared; They Won’t Bite You!

Engineered for style and comfort

ASICS GEL-Kenun Shinkai Megalodon running shoes are designed for runners whose pronation is classified as either under or neutral. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, this describes the way your foot rolls inward and distributes weight when you land so impact to the skeletal system is minimised. If that describes you, join the club. My arches also happen to be high, so this exotic shoe feels tailored just for me.

To add to this shoe’s appeal, the exterior design isn’t like anything I’ve seen before: It’s a soothing mix of graduated blues that remind me of the ocean and the shoe’s upper is trimmed with sharkskin mesh patterning that’s the perfect accent. ASICS added a shark-bite stripe plus reflective heel tape and sprayed the midsole with glow-in-the-dark blue, so nighttime jogging makes me a force to be reckoned with.

I land like a pro on the rear foot gel cushion of a shoe that I see as the wave of the future—whether I reserve these kicks for casual wear or put them to the test on my favourite running surface. Oh, and nothing smells fishy after my runs because moisture management is mediated by Ortholite-treated interior material that helps ventilate my feet even when it's hot. Seamless construction eliminates potential chafing, so as sharks go, this shoe is anything but menacing!

ASICS GEL-Kenun Shinkai Megalodon Running Shoes: Don’t be Scared; They Won’t Bite You!

4 Reasons to get into the swim

  1. This ingenious shoe is the result of a marriage between Mita Sneakers and ASICS; two brands with one plan.
  2. The Megalodon is a special edition. If you don’t jump in before they too go extinct, you could suffer regrets.
  3. Megalodon’s weigh only 11.2 ounces, so you’ll glide along surfaces with no imposed weight limitations.
  4. Are you picky about heel height? The 23mm lift could help you speed right past any school of fish on the track!

Runner's Boon

  • If your friends describe you as unique, you’ve got to join me in owning a pair.
  • This limited edition gives me an opportunity to show off my inner fashionista.
  • The rear-foot gel cushion makes me feel like I’m running gravity free—kind of like the ocean.
  • Are you an under or neutral pronator? Become the most comfortable fish in the sea (or on land).

Runner's Bane

  • Due to heavy demand for this limited-edition shoe, your size could disappear fast.
  • The toe box might require a little extra break-in time due to its unique construction.
  • If the shark scares you, then the shoe might not be ideal for you.
  • Because this style is made for both men and women, you may not find it feminine enough to consider.

In your opinion, does owning a limited-edition shoe enhance your run or just your reputation for style?

As an avid runner who runs regularly with her peers, Li Shan seeks a healthy work-life balance. She does whatever she can to fork out time to exercise and enjoys nature amid running with the goal of keeping fit.

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