Double Your Pleasure with the New Balance RUNIQ Watch and PaceIQ Earbuds

by On May 29, 2017

Run, Track and Listen, Untethered with the new NB RunIQ and PaceIQ.

Double Your Pleasure with the NB RUNIQ Smartwatch and PACEIQ Wireless Headphone

Whether you're all about the latest in technology or it's time you replaced your watch and headphone with products so new, running buddies will call you a trendsetter, see what New Balance has been up to in the innovation department.

You'd better put on a seat belt because we're covering two hot products from New Balance, both of which deserve your undivided attention. One is the sleek, sexy, black NB RUNIQ Watch. The other is the NB PaceIQ Earbuds in a daring shade of red. Together, they're as unbeatable as you are when you've trained like a champ.

These two devices can put you on a communications plane that far exceeds other products on today's market, so prepare yourself for jealousy, envy and copycat behaviours by friends who will follow your lead.

Wondering who to thank for all of this technological largess? Not just New Balance. This is a collaboration between New Balance, Android wear, Intel and Strava. Four resources. Two products. One unbeatable combination.

Whazzup with the Smartwatch?

It's innovative. And it's got the brain you've been seeking because this product is made for runners by runners. No dude sitting behind a desk or computer is responsible for the features this device offers.

What's most compelling about the smartwatch? The RUNIQ activity tracking feature that uses metrics (what else?) to monitor your pace, cadence, current location, distance traveled and heart rate.

Leave your phone at home or in your locker when you run because your NB RUNIQ Watch takes over that job in most circumstances. Some Android Wear features only work if your RunIQ Watch is connected with your phone. With Android Wear 1.5 and below, your RunIQ Watch can stay connect at any distance as long as it is paired with an Android device.

You'll stay connected so you don't suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out), even if you're out for a long run and need to stay in constant touch.

Double Your Pleasure with the NB RUNIQ Smartwatch and PACEIQ Wireless Headphone

Imagine a control center like NASAs

Engineers in charge of this smartwatch's development thought beyond the stars, which is why the finished product is so space age. Map out routes using the built-in GPS; download apps to customise your dashboard; keep tabs on how far you've run. Hear everything on your Google Play playlist and your device will even remind you to stay in your target heart rate zone.

Explore your access to Strava, the "no BS network" that records your activity, stows it and presents you with the best athletic content on the planet in a junk-free zone. Will the battery stand up to this much activity? The NB RUNIQ battery has a lot of capacity so it can be a challenge to drain it! A quick swim or unexpected shower won't render the NB RUNIQ Watch useless, by the way.

Double Your Pleasure with the NB RUNIQ Smartwatch and PACEIQ Wireless Headphone

Gotta get buds

Unless you intend to sing your way from start to finish every time you run—or drag your phone along and worry about dropping it and dropping signals—fill your ears with a wireless headphone that's as excellent and compatible as you and your smartwatch will become. For a match made in electronics heaven, you and your new watch deserve the best: that NB PaceIQ Earbuds.

Which will you appreciate most, the rapid recharge system that gifts you with 60 minutes of battery life—relatively little downtime for a recharge—5 days' worth of standby time on a single charge, or will you save your admiration for the sweat- and water-resistance you've been craving since the last time a Singapore shower destroyed your headphone? Of course, you don't have to choose since you get every one of these features.

Double Your Pleasure with the NB RUNIQ Smartwatch and PACEIQ Wireless Headphone

No wimpy, one-dimension earbuds

First, the fit is awesome. These lightweight buds hug your ears so snugly, you could forget you're wearing them (they're waterproof because you wouldn't be the first runner to hit the shower while they're still in your ears). This headphone is engineered to U.S. military standards, which means dust, sand and rain can't get into the inner workings no matter how hard you push in all sorts of weather and environments.

The PACEIQ juggles two devices at one time via the innovative Advanced Multi-use feature and you can expect up to 10 meters of operating range. The earbud controller invites you to toggle between calls and music effortlessly, but since this gear is phone- and network-dependent, it won't stand in as a service provider should you think this headphone can do everything but lace up your running shoes.

Everything you need to use this earbuds is provided: a Quick Start Guide, warranty information, USB cable, 3 sets of ear gels, 2 FitClips and information on the care and feeding of your new buds.

Double Your Pleasure with the NB RUNIQ Smartwatch and PACEIQ Wireless Headphone

Runner's Boon

  • The smartwatch is an innovative collaboration between New Balance, Android Wear, Intel and Strava for super connectivity.
  • Stay connected and in tune easily; Bluetooth technology puts communication and playlists at your fingertips.
  • The watch was named a "Runner's World" Editor's Pick at CES 2017. I personally like the large full circle 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 400 x 400 as well as its tough and water resistant case though the design may be a little dull.
  • The NB PaceIQ Earbuds controls are so easy and conveniently located, a child could master them!
  • As far as premium sound quality goes, the PaceIQ headphones are pretty decent.
  • The PaceIQ headphones are fast charging, lightweight and could stand against regardless of levels of sweat, or rain or dust.
  • The PaceIQ battery life is around 5 hours on a full charge.

Runner's Bane

  • Purchase both products and you may put a dent in your wallet that's rather steep.
  • If you have had issues with NB technology in the past, you may want to wait until these two have been out for a longer period of time.
  • As with all new products, availability could be spotty so you may have to search for one or both.
  • Dislike the colour black? Additional colours for the NB RunIQ Watch are coming soon!
  • A daunting number of competitors also new to the market may be a better fit for your phone platform and pairing with iPads for the RunIQ Watch is not available./li>
  • The RunIQ Watch at times could experience slow and buggy performance.
  • User interface and experience for the RunIQ isn't that great as you need to swipe on the watch face to see more of your running information.
  • The RunIQ dedicated sports button for performance prompts will only works if you have a RunIQ smartwatch paired.

These two products belong together

There's more to say about both of these devices, but suffice to say this wireless headphone paired with the aforementioned smartwatch (both from the hearts and minds of New Balance) could make all aspects of your running life easier and more fun since everything you need to be entertained and perform at a higher level is literally and figuratively right at your fingertips and don't you deserve the best?

What's the major reason you replace devices? Because they wear out? Because you can't live without the latest technology? Or do you frequently treat yourself to new ones simply because you work hard and deserve them?

The Unisex NB RunIQ Watch and the NB PaceIQ Earbuds is available for US$299.99 and US$109.99 respectively at New Balance stores.

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