As a runner who relocated from Boston at the end of 2012, I knew I wouldn’t have enough vacation saved to get back and run Boston 4 months later.

I loved the Saucony tagline ‘Find your Strong’ and when I got the news alerts about the tragedies in Boston for a race I was supposed to be at, it was tough not to be homesick.

However I loved that Boston adopted a similar slogan to Saucony of “Boston Strong” and I knew I needed to find my “Singapore Strong” and learn how to survive running in my new equator hot surroundings.

After 3½ years in Singapore, I still struggle to acclimatise to the heat when I run distance so I’ve turned to shorter distance races to find my “Singapore Strong”.

My First Ride in The Kinvara 7.0

I’ve done my best to remain unbiased towards the Kinvara 7.0 shoes, but obviously I am starting with some brand loyalty towards Saucony.

I have run all of my 10 marathons in the Saucony Hurricanes which are a stability shoe. I have been wearing Saucony shoes for 15 years now and what I like most about Saucony’s in general is the wider front toe box.

I had seen my Boston Athletic Assoc teammates run in the earlier versions of the Saucony Kinvara 4 back in Boston, but I am a pronator with some knee cap instability issues and didn’t even attempt that.

However, the warmer weather seems to have helped my knees immensely over distance and I haven’t had to tape or use braces running in Singapore at all so I was excited to give these shoes a try.

Trying my new Saucony Kinvara 7 outdoor and indoor on a treadmill. It works great on both terrains.

The first significant highlight was how light these shoes were as I took them out of the box. I really like the mesh construction on this shoe.

The nylon lining under the tiny holed outer mesh layer makes these shoes breathable which is critical in Singapore, yet durable. I can tell they will outlast my other shoes.

The other feature I like is at the 4th shoelace hole there is a soft piece of plastic running almost wrapping up around my foot from the Arch of the shoe on both sides.

This is usually the first area where shoes start to breakdown after decent mileage, It assists in a snug fit without having to draw the shoelaces tight in that area and I sense this allows for a smoother heel to toe transition.

As for color, I think the proof is in my younger coworkers approval. (their previous comments were I need “updated sneakers” or some “ hipster Kicks” to continue running with them!)

Runner’s Boon

  • They are 6.6 oz vs my 10oz yet still responsive and not flimsy.
  • Super comfortable with a supportive heel cushion which I need.
  • I definitely felt the weight difference running speed work.
  • When I laced these shoes up for my shorter runs, straight away I thought I could push myself hard without a heavy strike pounding the pavement.

Runner’s Bane

  • For those runners like me who are used to running in a shoe with more stability, I would not suggest these shoes for long distance running.
  • I will run in the Kinvara 7s for 10k and shorter distances or speed work.
  • When I hit the road in these for longer distance, I did miss the extra support from my other shoes which are more engineered for pronators with more of an offset of thickness between the heel and toe.


These shoes have re-energized me to get more out of my shorter runs. They will definitely be joining me in the JPM Corporate Championship race held in NYC this June and I am excited to strive for a fast time.

I am confident the Kinvara 7.0 can help me find my “Singapore Strong”!

Which running shoes are you using to find your “Singapore Strong”? Share with us in the comments below.

Pamela Kustas

Pamela Kustas is a distance runner and former triathlete who has been living in Singapore for 3½ years. She has run 10 US marathons, including Boston 5x and has run 6 half marathons in Asia so far. She is also an avid skier, golfer and dragon boater who just competed in the Club Crew World Championships for Dragonboating in Adelaide, AU. She has placed in various local races and is is currently preparing for the JPMorgan Championship Corporate Challenge in NYC with 3 of her colleagues who together won the Singapore mixed category 2015.

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