How GU Gels Have Become My Favourite Running Energy Source

by On Dec 23, 2014
How GU Gels Become My Favourite Running Energy Source

GU Gels are the most convenient means I've found to power up during a run. Each GU Gel is packed with 100 calories and comes in a packet that is easily ripped open and consumed in action. The company recommends two to three packets per hour in the midst of whatever your activity.

GU Gels Options Seemingly Unlimited

In addition to the overwhelmingly positive health benefits to GU Gels, they've done a remarkable job of covering a range of flavours. While not an exhaustive list (my personal favorites are Salted Caramel and Vanilla), here are some of their most popular lineups.

GU Chomps (Black Cherry with Caffeine)

The caffeine boost in the black cherry chomp will get you to the end with focus. Chomps are four tiny bite-sized chews in a serving. Easy to consume and brilliant flavour.

How GU Gels Become My Favourite Running Energy Source

GU Brew Tablet (Lemon Lime)

These brew tablets are dropped into 450g of water. The lemon lime exudes a tart smack in the lips. Helpful, powerful, and wonderfully done. I also enjoyed the tri-berry brew tablet with a burst of berry flavour.

How GU Gels Become My Favourite Running Energy Source

GU Roctance Electrolyte Capsules

What impresses me about these electrolyte capsules is that they don't upset the stomach. A friend recently ran a marathon and he had stomach issues with other capsules. GU includes ginger root in their capsules, which helps prevent upset stomachs. To cope with that huge loss of electrolytes, nothing is easier than popping one every 45 minutes during training or events.

How GU Gels Become My Favourite Running Energy Source

GU Energy Gel

GU Energy Gel is their staple product and the flavour options are astounding. Two of the most common and popular gel packets are strawberry banana and the tri-berry. Both are easy to get down and add an enjoyable experience when you're pushing. I personally tilted towards the strawberry banana flavour more.

How GU Gels Become My Favourite Running Energy Source

GU Gels a Family Affair

They've been making these gel packets for over two decades, and they've figured out the science. By the time your event or training has ended, these have supplemented what you're losing. Late in the game, users can tell the moment these beauties kick in. The physical boost is undeniable. For those with more specific needs, GU offers Kosher, caffeine and caffeine-free, as well as sodium-rich options.

Kids and adults can use GU Gels if the demand on the body requires it. If the physical requirement is extreme, one should use more than someone who walks or bikes short distances. But, even for those short distant exercise routines, a packet or two will enhance what your body is willing to do.

GU Gel Come With Low Risk

The only thing to note is this: be aware of the GU Gels that contain large sodium amounts, caffeine, or other ingredients that might provoke an unwanted result.

What I love; What I love less

As mentioned earlier, they are easily consumed. No other worthwhile energy product that I've found has similar benefits, wide options, and is as easy-to-use.

Unlike other brands that can sometimes upset the stomach (in tablet form) or simply don't produce the same result, GU Gels are universally known to improve athletic workouts.

On a bit of the downside, while the gel format is brilliant on some levels, it does pose a problem on an extremely long run. When my mouth has dried a bit and lacks saliva, the packets are bit more difficult to get down. Even the manufacturer suggests taking later packets with fluids.

GU Gels and other products are hands-down the best on the market for variety, well thought-out science, and user satisfaction. While there are other brands on the market, GU Gels seems like a solid choice for many other users.

Have you tried GU Gels before? Do you like the taste? Which are your favourite flavours? Share with us your experience in the comments below.

Runner's Boon

  • Variety of flavours.
  • Generally soft on the stomach.
  • Scientifically tested to provide long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels.

Runner's Bane

  • May be hard to ingest on an extremely long workout.
  • Some flavour might contain large sodium amounts, caffeine, or other ingredients that might provoke an unwanted result.

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