I Almost Gave Up Until I Began Wearing Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes

by On Nov 3, 2018

Saucony Ride ISO running shoes came into my life on a day that I desperately needed help! I had grown cynical about running, but a fortuitous series of circumstances changed all that.

Having ended my summer with a less-than-perfect track record of personal bests (not to mention no new finisher medals), I began to wonder if I was smart to put so much time and energy into my conditioning and competitive runs. I seemed to be getting nowhere fast.

Eager to take one last shot at my technique, I hired a coach. To be honest, she did as much for my ego as she did for my form—then she asked me about my running shoes.

At first, I was defensive. One brand has been my go-to shoe since I started running. Who was she to question my choice? Of course, I was being silly. This wasn’t personal. She was asking me to look at all aspects of my running life—including my shoe choices.

I Almost Gave Up Until I Began Wearing Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes

The Saucony Ride ISO running shoe

Was I resistant to the Saucony brand for a specific reason? Nothing came to mind. The company philosophy was uplifting. Styles are always trendy. And pricing wasn’t much different from the brand I usually bought.

Was I letting habit determine my choices? To find out, I not only picked up a pair of Saucony Ride ISO Women’s running shoes at my coach’s urging, but I agreed to write this review. And that changed everything.

This shoe has a proud pedigree: it’s the heir to the Ride 10 and offer Saucony’s EVERUN topsole construction that stokes energy return. When a shoe is engineered this cleverly, who expects comfort? The brand’s signature continuous cushioning proved to be a bonus I didn’t expect.

I thought the company was exaggerating when I read that the Ride was designed to adapt to my foot shape like a custom fit, but again, I was proven wrong. I hate clichés, but I feel the need to insert one here: these shoes fit like a glove.

Having fought the trend for way too long, I invited a mesh upper into my life. Worried that I would have to clean my shoes perpetually, I discovered in this mesh a carefree surface that attracted no more soil than my old footwear. This was becoming quite an education for me!

I Almost Gave Up Until I Began Wearing Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes

Runner's Boon

  • No gimmicks necessary to make this shoe the poster child for innovation.
  • The PWRFOAM midsole performs like a well-trained racehorse, protecting my insteps from injury.
  • Saucony promised and delivered a heel piece that contributes to a “lockdown fit.”
  • I have come to appreciate the force dispersion, flexibility and traction Saucony’s TRI-FLEX system delivers.
  • My supination issues are resolved. I no longer obsess about my under-pronation problem.

Runner's Bane

  • Because this shoe is neither waterproof nor water-resistant, I can’t wear them to run in the rain.
  • This is a “road and track” shoe, so I’ll need to wear other shoes when I hit my favourite trails.
  • The 8mm offset works for me but may not provide enough cushioning between heel and forefront for others.

I Almost Gave Up Until I Began Wearing Saucony Ride ISO Running Shoes

I become a convert

One day, I found myself in despair as a result of self-doubt over a poor running season, but like many Singaporean women who don’t know the meaning of quitting, I gave myself another chance to rise like a phoenix.

Not only did my decision to engage a coach serve me well, but I came to respect the revolutionary fit system that’s the hallmark of the Saucony Ride ISO running shoe. Fit. Flexibility. I should add Formidable. Lucky me. My story has an awesome ending!

Have you ever reached a stage where you wonder whether it makes sense to keep on running? What triggered it? How did you “recover”?

The Ride ISO is available in Royal Sporting House stores at S$159. The Ride ISO will be available in men’s sizes 7-13, 14 and 15, and women’s sizes 5-12, and will be available in width options.

Melinda wants to live in a world filled with happy and healthy people that love extra dark chocolate and sports. As a frequent backpacker and Yogi, she loves to indulge in local experience and culture with good meditation. When she’s not reading or trying to understand the world more, you can find her whipping up a delicious gluten-free treat or studying Humanology.

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