My First Pair of MBT GT 16 Running Shoes Surprised Me!

by On Nov 22, 2016

I always got the feeling that the MBT brand liked the fact that comparisons were nearly impossible to make, and my own research proved my hunch to be 100-percent accurate.

My First Pair of MBT GT 16 Running Shoes Surprises Me!

My work colleagues will attest to the fact that I'm a bit of a compulsive. When I get ready to buy something, I don't just go to the store, peruse my choices and make my purchase. I dig in and do research. Why do I behave like this?

Because I have a long string of mistakes in my history that range from picking the wrong job to buying the wrong running shoes, so doing my homework isn't just a cliché; it's a non-negotiable process or I couldn't live with myself.

Whether or not you operate in this manner, I think you'll find the review of my first pair of MBT GT running shoes to be eye-opening and informative. After all, I did all of that research for you, too.

Oscar Wilde was Right

Who's Oscar Wilde? The iconic Irish playwright, poet and novelist. I had to sit through hours of boring lectures about him as a schoolboy, so let me take this opportunity to apologize for trivializing him as I invoke what's perhaps his most famous quote: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The manufacturers of the MBT GT 16 running shoes I just bought would take issue with this quote.

You see, people who snap up this company's products are beginning to hear about knock-off MBT shoes. MBT has even put forth a statement that includes 3-step criteria to make sure every pair is genuine.

Having checked this out after I received my shoes, I recall thinking how careful this company is about protecting its image and, importantly, its reputation with customers.

My First Pair of MBT GT 16 Running Shoes Surprises Me!

Why MBT Athletic Shoes are the Exception, Not the Rule

In a world filled with brand choices, MBT stands head and shoulders above competitors. Swiss engineered and named "the original Physiological Footwear brand," this company works harder than most to protect myriad patented technologies that make their product lines unique.

Certilogo, the company charged with maintaining a "user-friendly system" to safeguard MBT's reputation, is just one safeguard, thus I look upon my unique ID code as a badge of honour; this company cares whether someone buy a shoe that’s going to hold up for years; they want the buyer to be happy!

Now that I've waxed poetic about the company, let me tell you why the features included in this shoe work for me. The sporty MBT GT 16 is engineered with "Pivot Strike" so the efficient transition from mid-foot to toe-off is effortless.

The rocker sole smoothly assists with transitions, and I'll admit that it took me a little bit of time to transition from my old shoes because everything about my running experience has changed. I get why engineers call my shoe part of a running revolution for that reason, and I'd urge anyone who doesn’t believe me to get your hands on a pair because (sorry to interject another borrowed phrase) action speaks louder than words.

My First Pair of MBT GT 16 Running Shoes Surprises Me!

What I Like Most About My MBT GT 16

  • I tend to have sweaty feet and noticed a distinct difference in the way they felt even after my first long run wearing my GT 16. The upper is crafted of breathable air mesh covering a large expanse so I get better-than-average ventilation benefits.
  • My girlfriend is favourably impressed with the blue and white colour of these shoes but I found even more favour with the minimal stitch design. According to my personal theory, the more seams, the faster wear and tear begins to show.
  • In concert with that airy mesh upper, the shoe collar and tongue sports Drylex lining, a 360-degree management system that neutralizes foot odor by keeping moisture at bay. Translation? My feet don't stink as much as they did in my old running shoes thanks to the antimicrobial properties embedded in the fabric.
  • This is the first time I've encountered a removable foot bed, and I'm taking the folks at MBT at their word when they say that it's anatomically correct. I tend to agree because the fit is so precise.
  • In terms of construction nuts and bolts, the synergy of molded heel counter, minimal nylon shank that's molded to the midsole, molded heel and co-molded flex shank literally set new standards in shoe construction thanks to all of these molded features. Even the molded heel counter constrains my foot so it doesn't move.
  • I quickly became a fan of MBT Sensor Technology that's been tested and refined to deliver extreme cushioning, comfort and shock absorption.

Runner's Boon

  • The company name impressed me. Maasai Barefoot Technology explains in three words how engineers emulated the style of these Kenyan barefoot walkers by replicating their form via the midsole rocker feature.
  • I'm walking and running faster now that my body has adjusted to my GT 16 and I have it on good word that my posture has improved.
  • These shoes are so much lighter than they look yet the cushioning feels firm and comfortable. Don't laugh, but from the moment I put these shoes on my feet, the urge to keep moving forward was unmistakable.
  • I've already logged 50 kilometres since putting these shoes on but you'd never notice it because they look pristine and (my girlfriend can attest to this) I’m not exactly the world's best shoe cleaner.

Runner's Bane

  • The Pivot Strike—a feature that distinguishes the MBT shoe from competitors, takes time to get used to, which is why I logged 50 kilometres before writing this review. I felt some discomfort on my maiden voyage after the first 10 kilometres but with successive runs, the discomfort disappeared.
  • Complaints about heel slippage have been registered with MBT, but perhaps wearers needed to adjust the tension of their laces for a more secure fit.
  • MBT is very selective about who retails these shoes, so finding GT 16 in shops could prove frustrating. I say stick with the MBT website—especially if you're wary about knock-off products and want to be certain that you're getting "the real deal."

My First Pair of MBT GT 16 Running Shoes Surprises Me!

MBT GT 16 Conclusion

My GT 16 running shoes took a bit longer than usual to get used to, but now, I'm glad that I'm spoiled for it. This is going to present a dilemma as new versions of the GT come to market because these kicks are built for the long haul and I'm not a person who believes in buying pricey new shoes when the pair in my closet is still performing optimally.

That said, when new colours and updated versions appear, I'm going to be tempted. And if the price starts to drop, that's when my practical side may get into a heated discussion with the dude who has become enamoured with his first pair of GT 16!

The MBT GT 16 W is also available at the 360SHOES.COM store for S$199.

Have you ever tried running in a pair of shoes which is different from what's in the usual market?

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